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ACP SAN High Value Care Coordination Training Materials

The High Value Care Coordination (HVCC) Training is designed to help primary and specialty care practices move from disconnected to connected care. 

By strengthening processes related to referrals and care coordination, practices will be able to deliver more efficient, effective and patient-centered care, while also reducing burden on their own care teams.   

These materials were developed for practices and Quality Improvement Advisors taking part in the ACP SAN’s HVCC Training. However, any practices interested in transitioning their care model are invited to explore and implement these resources.

The training consists of four Action Steps. Each Action Step has practical, easy-to-use resources associated with it. Most of the documents under each Action Step were referenced in the training.  Other documents are additional examples of materials mentioned in the training.

General Resources






For more information about this HVCC Training course, contact the ACP SAN at

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