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For over 50 years, the Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP) has been the most trusted resource in continuous learning for internal medicine physicians and residents. The tradition continues with ACP MKSAP.

New features include:

All-Digital Format, Premium Features

ACP MKSAP is an all-digital self-assessment program that includes the full suite of MKSAP’s powerful features for all subscribers.

A More Robust Question Bank

ACP MKSAP will have thousands of multiple-choice questions in a comprehensive question bank.

LKA Prep Custom Quiz

LKA pathway participants can simulate answering questions with a new custom quiz option.

Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe to ACP MKSAP

The Most Trusted Resource for Internal Medicine Physicians

MKSAP has been the go-to gold-standard learning resource for internal medicine physicians for nearly 60 years, helping hundreds of thousands of residents and practicing physicians stay current with the latest clinical content, prepare for the ABIM Certification Exam and Maintenance of Certification Exam/LKA and earn CME and MOC. ACP MKSAP continues this tradition of excellence and innovation by introducing a state-of-the-art, all-digital subscription that offers all of MKSAP’s exclusive premium features and enhancements—including Virtual Dx, Board Basics®, the new Confirmation of Relevant Education (CORE) Questions, digital flashcards, and more—for all subscribers.

Over 100 experts in internal medicine and its subspecialties assist us in ACP MKSAP’s rigorous multi-stage content-development and review process, ensuring a level of excellence our residents, practicing physicians, and educators have come to rely on. In addition, ACP MKSAP content experts and editorial staff implement rigorous psychometric activities in the development of ACP MKSAP to ensure it is a meaningful, credible measure of knowledge.

ACP MKSAP offers the most learning for the best value, with 16 comprehensive subspecialty content areas conveniently interlinked with an extensive and ever-growing question bank; dozens of useful, fact-filled tables and colorful images; engaging, integrated multimedia enhancements; a customizable Personalized Learning Plan, and the new CORE Question feature, offering a challenging gamified learning experience and the opportunity to earn badges and a certificate to document your learning.

The Latest Clinical Content and Thousands of Questions

ACP MKSAP will contain the latest and most relevant clinical information you need to stay current and prepare for the ABIM Certification Exam or Maintenance of Certification Exam/Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment. The new ACP MKSAP will be perpetually updated to ensure you always have the most current information and features, no matter when you subscribe.

An Even More Powerful Question Bank

For the first time ever, ACP MKSAP will combine all its question types—traditional in-depth learning questions, Virtual Dx image-based questions, and MKSAP Quick Qs—within one extensive and ever-growing question bank for convenient access and a variety of ways to study. This single, robust question bank will launch with almost 2000 unique questions and will be continually reviewed, updated, and expanded.

You can use any of ACP MKSAP’s many questions to create unlimited custom quizzes with a variety of preset options. For example, for LKA participants, a new custom quiz feature will help you simulate the experience of answering quarterly questions with a 4-minute timer and block of 30 questions.

Programs and Residents Can Track and Share Feedback

Whether you use it to prepare for exam day or as an educational resource, ACP MKSAP is full of features to help both residency program educators and residents.

  • Unlimited custom quizzes allow residents to assess their knowledge and identify learning gaps.
  • Personalized Learning Plans help target areas requiring additional review.
  • The IM-ITE® Feedback feature allows residents to have their results imported into the ACP MKSAP Personalized Learning Plan to identify exam-related learning gaps.
  • The Board Exam Topic Guide allows learners to easily locate ABIM high-yield blueprint topics within ACP MKSAP.
  • The ACP MKSAP Residency Tracker (available free to residency programs) provides educators with the curricular support they need by allowing them to create question assignments and assess residents’ progress and proficiency in answering any of ACP MKSAP’s traditional self-assessment questions, Virtual Dx MCQs, or Quick Qs at the group or individual level.

Expanded Multimedia Tools to Help You Study, Prep and Stay Current

Video and audio enhancements will demonstrate clinical findings and techniques, explain the clinical reasoning behind answering selected multiple-choice questions, and reinforce key learning concepts. In addition, video tutorials are provided throughout ACP MKSAP to help you take full advantage of its many valuable features.

ACP MKSAP Milestones Timeline

View important milestones and dates to help you stay on track of your goals leading up to the release of ACP MKSAP. Learn more

Have Questions?

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions about the upcoming all-new ACP MKSAP and check back regularly. We will be updating with more information as the launch of ACP MKSAP on February 3, 2025, gets closer. Read our frequently asked questions


Presale Subscription Bundles

Order your ACP MKSAP subscription now and receive a presale discount PLUS free bonus content now! ACP MKSAP is available at a special discount through February 2, 2025, when it officially launches. Preorder ACP MKSAP for our economically priced 3-year subscription or, for shorter-term learning, our flexible 1-year option. All ACP MKSAP subscribers will receive instant access to one of our free premium bonus content bundles based on whether you currently own MKSAP 19 or not.

For Current MKSAP 19 Learners

If you currently have MKSAP 19, you’ll receive bonus questions when you preorder ACP MKSAP.

MKSAP 19 subscribers will receive a bonus set of 300 free MKSAP-style, self-assessment questions to test your knowledge and further your learning until ACP MKSAP is available on February 3, 2025. These questions will automatically be added to your MKSAP 19 program after you complete your preorder. Enjoy immediate access and continue assessing your knowledge and staying current. MKSAP 19 and the 300 bonus questions will remain accessible through August 31, 2026.

If You Are Not a Current MKSAP 19 Learner

Preorder ACP MKSAP and receive free instant access to MKSAP 19 Complete Green.

With your preorder, you will receive instant, free access to MKSAP 19 if you are not already a MKSAP 19 customer so you can immediately begin learning with the best self-assessment curriculum around and continue to keep current in internal medicine and the subspecialties through the launch of ACP MKSAP. Access to ACP MKSAP begins with its launch on February 3, 2025, and your access to MKSAP 19 Complete Green will continue through August 31, 2026. Learn what you receive with MKSAP 19 Complete Green


Get the Most Out of ACP MKSAP

ACP MKSAP continues its longstanding tradition of excellence in learning, which is why it remains the most trusted resource for internal medicine physicians, providing critical evidence-based information and unlimited opportunities for self-directed learning and assessment, from the beginning of residency through all the stages of your career.


More than 90% of internal medicine residents use MKSAP to prepare for the Boards. Prepare with confidence throughout your training and in the lead-up to exam day.

Internal Medicine Physicians—MOC Candidates

If you are an internal medicine physician preparing for the Maintenance of Certification 10-Year Exam or earning CME and MOC, ACP MKSAP is equipped with features to help you.

Internal Medicine Physicians—LKA Pathway Participants

ACP MKSAP is designed for every step of your career, including supporting you as you participate in the ABIM’s LKA pathway.


ACP MKSAP offers the free MKSAP Residency Tracker to help programs provide additional remediation and learning resources to their residents. ACP MKSAP is the only totally free residency program educators’ toolbox to support educators as they assess their residents’ learning progress.


Meet your CME and MOC requirements each year with ACP MKSAP. Learn more



Preorder ACP MKSAP to enjoy discounted pricing plus free bonus educational content you can access now to begin learning before the February 3, 2025 launch! ACP MKSAP is available at a special discount through February 2, 2025.

1-Year Subscription Presale Pricing
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Resident/Fellow Members
$375 $395
$442 $465
ACP Members
$561 $590
$660 $695
$784 $825
$945 $995

With your pre-order, you will receive access to ACP MKSAP upon its release on February 3, 2025, PLUS immediate free access to MKSAP 19 Complete Green (for those who don't already own MKSAP 19) or 300 free bonus questions (for those who already own MKSAP 19). MKSAP 19 access extends through August 31, 2026.

For group discounts on ACP MKSAP, please contact ACP Member and Product Support at 800-ACP-1915 (800-227-1915) or 215-351-2600 (M—F, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. ET).


Do you own MKSAP 19?

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ACP MKSAP: Bonus Question Bundle

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1 Year Subscription ACP MKSAP 1 year bundle


3 Year Subscription ACP MKSAP 3 year bundle

Additional Ordering Information

ACP staff is working on a hybrid schedule in the office, and incoming fax messages are delayed. If you need to send documents or orders to ACP, please:

  1. Complete the documents without any credit card information. Scan and email these documents to
  2. Call ACP to provide your credit card information at 800-227-1915.

Please have available the order details, such as the number of orders or memberships and the total dollar amount you are approving to charge to the credit card.

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All-Digital Format, Premium Features

ACP MKSAP is a subscription-based product, allowing you to choose between 1-year or 3-year terms, with value-priced renewals. Now with a single, all-digital format, ACP MKSAP’s state-of-the-art platform will offer all subscribers the premium version of MKSAP, including its highly structured and expert-created educational content and innovative and intuitive online learning features. As a longitudinal learning system, ACP MKSAP will be perpetually updated with practice-changing and other need-to-know information to support continual learning. ACP MKSAP’s features will include:

  • Sixteen evidence-based subspecialty content areas with information in the core of internal medicine plus the latest updates essential to your practice
  • A robust question bank, with nearly 2000 unique multiple-choice questions at launch that will be expanded each year
  • Useful tools mirroring high-stakes testing, including option strikethrough and time elapsed question-answering indicator 
  • More than 1000 adaptive learning-based digital flashcards 
  • NEW! LKA prep custom quiz template option
  • IM-ITE Feedback feature to help residents identify learning gaps
  • Personalized Learning Plan with improved dashboard features for better tracking and organization of study goals
  • Board Exam Topic Guide to easily locate high-yield ABIM topics within MKSAP 
  • Highlighting for text and questions—in multiple colors
  • More multimedia enhancements to reinforce key concepts and address a variety of learning styles
  • Board Basics—MKSAP’s essential test-prep resource to supplement MKSAP learning
  • MKSAP’s new Confirmation of Relevant Education (CORE) Questions—unlock additional questions to challenge yourself and earn badges and a certificate to document your learning  

A More Robust Question Bank

For the first time ever, ACP MKSAP will have one question bank with almost 2,000 questions of multiple formats at launch, including our traditional in-depth learning questions, Virtual Dx image-based questions, and MKSAP Quick Qs PLUS over 1,700 adaptive learning-based flashcards.

Our large question bank will perpetually grow, with new questions added each year to support ongoing learning. Answer questions randomly, by topic, or by using our custom quiz feature and easily retrieve previously answered questions with useful tools and identifiers. Choose from preset quiz templates or create your own. And, as always, take as many custom quizzes as you like, and track your quiz results over time!

LKA Prep Custom Quiz

ACP MKSAP will include a new custom quiz option that simulates aspects of the LKA. This option will create 30-question quizzes with a 4-minute timer per question with questions from across the MKSAP content areas to mirror the experience of answering your quarterly batch of LKA questions.

With MKSAP 19 Complete Green, you receive:

  • Twelve syllabus sections organized by subspecialty area and regularly updated with New Info Updates.
  • More than 3,000 unique questions in a variety of formats to test your knowledge
  • Board Basics® study guide so you can supplement and reinforce your MKSAP 19 learning as you ramp up your study in preparation for exam day
  • Virtual Dx to test your visual acumen—ideal for the visual aspects of the exam
  • Review over 1,200 quick-study concepts in a mobile-friendly, flashcard format. Adaptive learning technology has been built-in to help facilitate learning through repeated exposure.
  • Earn-As-You-Go CME and MOC—easy to pace yourself one question at a time! Submit after you answer each question and stay on track to meet your MOC and CME requirements.
  • NEW! CORE (Confirmation of Relevant Education) Questions (Pilot) that you unlock after reaching a certain progress threshold in answering MKSAP 19 self-assessment questions. Answer these additional CORE questions to earn badges in each of the 12 subspecialty areas.


ACP MKSAP provides thousands of unique questions to test your knowledge, high-yield syllabus content, and valuable features to kick-start your learning, including:  

  • Custom Quizzes. Unlike other study products, ACP MKSAP does not limit your ability to create custom quizzes. Create unlimited quizzes to assess your progress, identify learning gaps, or dive into specific content areas. Choose between study and exam mode and use a variety of filters to get the best review. Save your quizzes to monitor longitudinal progress.
  • Personalized Learning Plan. Create a customized course of study based on your strengths and weaknesses by using the ACP MKSAP Personalized Learning Plan. Link to related text, questions, Board Basics content, and other rich ACP educational resources—such as Annals' In The Clinic, ACP guidelines, podcasts, and more—to extend your learning. 
  • IM-ITE Feedback. Customize your Learning Plan based on feedback from your IM-ITE results.
  • Board Basics. Board Basics offers an efficient and intensive Board prep study guide designed for maximizing retention before your upcoming assessment. Board Basics is filled with bulleted lists, highlighting, and tips to keep you focused on successful test-taking strategies for exam day.
  • Strikethrough and Highlighting. Strikethrough answer options as you work through questions, and organize your notes with multiple highlighter color options to focus your study approach and easily access and review your notes on your own schedule.
  • Question Time Elapsed. See how long it takes to answer each question to assess your pace and make adjustments as needed.

Internal Medicine Physicians—MOC Candidates

MKSAP is the most trusted resource for internal medicine physicians. Whether preparing for exam day, updating your knowledge, or earning your CME credit and MOC points, you know MKSAP will help you meet all your goals.

  • Earn-As-You-Go CME and MOC. Whether you prefer to submit after you complete an entire subspecialty content area or only a couple of questions, it’s easy and seamless to submit for CME and MOC with the Earn-As-You-Go feature. 
  • Opt-In for MOC Points. Opt-in once for automatic MOC submission any time you submit for CME. 
  • Custom Quizzes. Create unlimited quizzes to assess your progress, identify areas of weakness, or take a deep dive into specific content areas. Choose between study and exam mode and use a variety of filters to get the best review. Review your archived quizzes to assess your longitudinal progress. With ACP MKSAP, there is NEVER any limit on the number of quizzes you can take!
  • Personalized Learning Plan. As part of a self-directed learning approach, create a customized course of study based on your strengths and weaknesses with the ACP MKSAP Personalized Learning Plan. Link to related text, questions, and other helpful ACP content to reinforce your learning.
  • Board Basics. Board Basics offers an efficient and intensive Board prep review designed to maximize retention before your upcoming assessment. Board Basics is replete with tips and successful test-taking strategies on exam day. Refer to Board Basics’ highly structured content and concise explanations as an open-book resource during your exam.
  • Board Exam Topic Guide. With this interactive guide, you can easily locate high-yield ABIM blueprint topics within MKSAP to streamline your study approach or find content as an open-book resource during your exam.
  • CORE (Confirmation of Relevant Education) Questions. After you surpass the threshold of correctly answered questions in a given subspecialty area, you will be able to unlock additional bonus questions to challenge yourself and earn a badge in that subject area, and, ultimately, earn a certificate documenting your learning achievement. (The CORE feature will launch in April 2025).

Internal Medicine Physicians—LKA Pathway Participants

ACP MKSAP helps you identify gaps, create learning plans, implement a study approach, and review your progress—a full-cycle continuous learning approach conducive to completing the LKA. MKSAP prepares you in advance of the LKA, serves as a trusted reference while answering LKA questions, and allows you to build on your knowledge in specific topic areas while earning CME credit and MOC points.

New! ACP MKSAP will include a custom quiz to help you simulate answering LKA questions. When selecting this quiz option, you will receive a quiz consisting of 30 questions, with a 4-minute timer set for each question.

Ways to use ACP MKSAP for the LKA pathway include:

Before answering an LKA question on a random topic:

  • Access the Board Exam Topic Guide to review commonly tested topics. This guide will inform you on the testing frequency and importance of specific topics in the ABIM exam blueprint with direct links to related content within MKSAP.
  • Gauge your knowledge with MKSAP’s traditional learning questions, or by taking a custom quiz selecting randomized topics.
  • Build your Personalized Learning Plan to target areas for more in-depth review.
  • Earn CME and MOC one question at a time with the Earn-As-You-Go CME feature.

While answering an LKA question:

  • Use the Board Exam Topic Guide feature to efficiently find reference content for that topic within the ACP MKSAP syllabus.

After answering an LKA question:

  • The Board Exam Topic Guide will help you zero in on syllabus content that can reinforce and expand your understanding of the tested topic, and help you understand the types of questions that might be asked again about that topic.
  • Add topics to your Personalized Learning Plan to track for further study, and view suggested additional resources available for further review.
  • Create custom quizzes around selected topics.
  • Earn CME and MOC by answering additional questions reinforcing the topic.


The ACP MKSAP Residency Program Tracker enables residency programs to assess potential knowledge gaps and create learning assignments as residents work through MKSAP’s learning platform.

Features include the ability to:

  • Customize question assignments based on ACP MKSAP subspecialty topic or on proficiency in answering ACP MKSAP’s self-assessment question scores.
  • Measure learning improvement by creating pre- and post-intervention question assignments.
  • Review residents’ responses to individual questions to identify incorrectly selected distractors and address potentially confusing points.
  • Review aggregate data to identify areas for potential curricular adjustment.
  • NEW! Residents and educators can choose from ACP MKSAP’s traditional self-assessment questions, Virtual Dx multiple-choice questions, or Quick Qs as part of Residency Tracker monitoring and assignments. 

Programs can save more on ACP MKSAP when they order subscriptions for their residents. Group discounts begin for orders of 10 or more subscriptions. To learn more, please contact ACP’s Member and Product Support at 800-ACP-1915 (800-227-1915) or 215-351-2600 (M—F, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. ET).

Accreditation Information

The American College of Physicians is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

The American College of Physicians designates this enduring material for a maximum of 300 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

Successful completion of this CME activity, which includes participation in the evaluation component, enables the participant to earn up to 300 medical knowledge MOC points in the American Board of Internal Medicine’s (ABIM) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program. Participants will earn MOC points equivalent to the amount of CME credits claimed for the activity. It is the CME activity provider’s responsibility to submit participant completion information to ACCME for the purpose of granting ABIM MOC credit.