A New Era for MKSAP is Coming!

Presale begins April 9, 2024.

The next edition of ACP’s Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program will be the new ACP MKSAP™. Beginning in February 2025, learners will be able to choose a 1- or 3-year subscription to ACP MKSAP. ACP MKSAP will include a host of new features delivered on a world-class interface.

Subscribers will no longer need to choose a format for MKSAP. ACP MKSAP will be an all-digital, all-inclusive program. Subscribers will receive the syllabus content, multiple-choice questions, and a portfolio of study tools plus Board Basics, Virtual Dx, and digital flashcards. The content will be perpetually updated to maintain currency, and fresh infusions of questions will be added regularly.

Preorder the New ACP MKSAP

Beginning April 9, 2024, learners will have the opportunity to pre-subscribe to the new ACP MKSAP and bundle it with bonus content. Presale packages will be available and tailored to both current MKSAP 19 subscribers as well as those who have not yet subscribed to MKSAP. These packages will provide high value and high-yield content.

Have Questions?

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions about the upcoming all-new ACP MKSAP, and check back regularly as we will be updating with more information as we get closer to the start of the presale period.

When is the new edition of MKSAP being released?

MKSAP 19, the most current edition, is updated regularly with the latest clinical information. The next MKSAP 19 New Information Update will be posted at the end of November 2023. We are hard at work on the next version of MKSAP and will be making an announcement in the future concerning launch details and new program features. The new version, ACP MKSAP, will be available in February 2025 with more information about presale availability to come.

Will there be a print version of the new MKSAP?

No. The new edition of MKSAP will be all digital, created for ease of use with today’s learners in mind, and will be continually updated with the latest clinical information.

I am recertifying this year. Should I purchase MKSAP 19 or wait to purchase the next edition?

Digital access to MKSAP 19 will be available until September 30, 2025, and content will continue to be updated. The next version of MKSAP will launch in February 2025. Residents and diplomates preparing for the ABIM Certification Examination, 10-Year ABIM MOC Examination, or ABIM Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment should purchase the following versions of MKSAP for their respective exams: 

Residents—ABIM Certification Examination

Diplomates—10-Year ABIM MOC Examination

Diplomates—ABIM Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA) (Note: LKA is a 5-year pathway, with the cohort year indicating the year the diplomate enters the LKA.)

  • 2023 Cohort—MKSAP 19
  • 2024 Cohort—MKSAP 19
  • 2025 Cohort—MKSAP 19 (available through September 2025) or next version of MKSAP (February 2025 launch)

What are the new features included with the new MKSAP?

ACP is always updating MKSAP with new features. Recent additions to MKSAP 19, such as the Shuffle Questions feature, IM-ITE Feedback feature, and Board Exam Topic Guide, will be available in the new all-inclusive program. ACP MKSAP also features the components of MKSAP that you have come to know and trust, including syllabus content, multiple-choice questions, and a portfolio of study tools. All subscribers will receive Board Basics, Virtual Dx questions, and digital flashcards.

Because ACP MKSAP is currently in development, we aren’t able to share specific new features yet. However, along with content being perpetually updated to maintain its currency and regular infusions of questions being added, ACP MKSAP will have expanded multimedia offerings available at its launch in February 2025.

Will the Residency Tracker we are currently using and the information included transfer to the new edition?

The Residency Tracker is updated with each edition and unfortunately doesn’t carry over information. However, the good news is that with the upcoming change to a subscription model, this will be the last time you will need to change over to a new Residency Tracker platform.

Order or learn more about MKSAP 19. Already have access to MKSAP 19? Go there now.

ACP's MKSAP will be an all-digital, all-inclusive subscription program, designed to be updated and always maintain currency. Presale begins April 9, 2024.