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High Value Care

ACP's High Value Care initiative aims to improve health, avoids harms, and eliminates wasteful practices.

The initiative addresses High Value Care broadly, offering learning resources for clinicians and medical educators, clinical guidelines, best practice advice, performance measurement, case studies and patient resources on a wide variety of related topics. Some learning opportunities even offer free CME.

Members, share your experiences in the Member Forum on High Value Care.

Resources for Clinicians

The following resources were created by ACP to help you implement High Value Care principles into your practice and focus on optimal diagnostic and treatment strategies, based upon considerations of value, effectiveness, and avoidance of overuse and misuse.

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Resources for Medical Educators

ACP believes it is the responsibility of medical educators to champion the philosophies of High Value Care in order to successfully pass these lessons along to future generations. That is why we have created a number of resources to help medical educators teach the principles of High Value Care effectively. Resources include curriculum for educators, students and subspecialty fellows, courses for faculty, as well as a video to help teach your faculty how to implement the High Value, Cost-conscious Care Curriculum.

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Resources for Patients

These resources represent a collaboration between ACP and Consumer Reports and are designed to help patients understand the importance of seeking appropriate care in order to maximize value and live a healthy life. Resources include advice for adult vaccines, lower back pain, diabetes and more.

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High Value Care Videos

Watch a selection of videos that teach the principles of High Value Care.

    High Value Care Task Force

    The High Value Care Task Force (HVCTF) develops recommendations and resources focused on High Value Care that assist physicians to provide the best possible care to their patients while simultaneously reducing unnecessary costs to the healthcare system.

    Disclosures of Interest for all members and ACP staff are reported, discussed, and resolved at the start of each High Value Care Task Force meeting and conference call.

    High Value Care Contributors