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The American College of Physicians works for you — providing internal medicine physicians with education, clinical support, practice resources, and advocacy for policy changes that will make a difference in your daily work, your professional development, and your patients’ health.

We know problems like administrative burdens, inadequate physician payments, high drug prices, and lack of access to affordable health care coverage are making it harder for internal medicine physicians to practice medicine, earn a living, and help patients. ACP also advocates for policies that improve patients’ health care and well-being. These advocacy efforts occur in parallel with our persistent push for better reimbursement for internal medicine physicians and the elimination of unnecessary administrative tasks that hinder your practice of medicine. We press legislators and regulators for changes that can successfully improve your daily work experience and free you up to focus on the care you were trained to provide.

2024 ACP Advocacy Priorities

ACP's advocacy priorities seek to promote policy reforms on the federal level through legislative, regulatory, and executive actions that benefit the overall health and well-being of patients, physicians, and the practice of internal medicine.

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What ACP Advocacy Did For You and Your Patients

ACP Policy Compendium

A comprehensive collection of all current public policy positions of the American College of Physicians. All of the policy statements referenced in the compendium have been approved by ACP's Board of Regents.

Updated June 2024.

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