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ACP Statement on Immigration Policy

ACP Issues Comprehensive Statement on U.S. Immigration Policy

Policy implications affect ACP members

ACP opposes discrimination, religious tests, refugee ban, denial of entry for persons with legal visas, and supports path to legal residency for "Dreamers."

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The Future of the ACA

The Future of the Affordable Care Act

Physicians meet to tell Senate to Protect Access

Leaders from ACP and other physician groups met with members of the Senate to let them know about the need to preserve coverage, benefits and consumer protections included in the ACA.

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New Guideline for Low Back Pain

New Guideline for Treating Low Back Pain

Non-drug therapies recommended first

In a new clinical guideline published in Annals of Internal Medicine, ACP recommends physicians and patients initially treat low back pain with non-drug therapies such as massage, yoga and more.

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