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Women in Medicine

Gender Equity
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Promoting gender equity and eliminating the inequities in compensation and career advancement that physicians can face is a longstanding goal of ACP.

As an organization, we are committed to addressing the unique challenges female physicians confront over the course of their careers in order to foster an inclusive environment that promotes growth and development for female physicians. ACP believes that addressing the barriers that women in medicine face is essential for the internal medicine community to benefit from the full potential of women physicians in the workforce.

Recommendations for Achieving Physician Gender Equity

This ACP position paper published in Annals of Internal Medicine provides a set of recommendations addressing the challenges women in medicine face, including equity in physician compensation, career advancement, and bias. Read article

Research Report

Compensation Disparities by Gender in Internal Medicine

This ACP research report highlights the differences in physician compensation by gender among U.S. American College of Physicians (ACP) internists. Published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Read Article | Download Presentation


Women in Medicine Webinars

Presented by ACP Leadership Academy


What You Can Do to Impact Gender Equity

Make your mark on impacting gender equity in medicine with the following list of action items. Read article

Improving Health Policies to Better Support Women

ACP policy recommendations to improve the health of women in the United States through a health care system that supports their needs over the course of their lifetime, Published in Annals of Internal Medicine. Read article | Watch video

Additional References & Resources

A collection of resources to help physicians committed to addressing gender equity at the organizational level and individually.

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