Independent Practice Resources

ACP offers a broad range of resources designed to help practices with the business side of medicine.

Payment & Coding​

Revenue drives the business of medical practice, both from public and private payers. Keep current with ACP resources to get paid appropriately for services the first time, while playing by the rules.

Practice Organization​

The organizational structure of a medical practice and its day-to-day operations are critical to its quality of care, efficiency, and profitability. Access practice management and transformation tools to ensure optimal performance.

Technology for Enhanced Patient Care​

Technological capabilities are essential to managing a successful practice. Get the latest guidance on telehealth, new technologies, and compliance with regulations related to technology.

Regulatory Rules and Practice Compliance​

Ensure compliance with the many complex federal regulations. ACP's resources help track key dates for regulatory, payment, and delivery system requirements.

Enhance Patient Care

Access online curricula, interactive learning tools, and other resources to help provide the best patient care.

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