Membership Committee

Reports to: Board of Regents

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Evaluate and recommend strategies to the Board of Regents that promote the growth and value of membership, member access to relevant resources and opportunities to ensure the long-term sustainability of the College.

Composition (16)

Chair, who is a Regent; Vice Chair who is a Governor; 11 members including one Resident/Fellow Member, one Medical Student, and one Early Career Physician member; one member who is Chapter staff.

The President and Chair of the Board of Regents are ex officio, voting members.


Chair and members serve one‐year terms renewable up to three times for a total of four years, unless extended by the Chair, Board of Regents. The early career physician, medical student and resident/fellow member positions are appointed according to the BOR‐approved policy for council appointments. Chapter staff position is one‐year, renewable one time for a total of two years.

2024-25 Members

Marianne C. Parshley, MD, FACP, Portland, OR, Chair (Regent)
Providence Medical Group Gateway Internal Medicine
Portland, Oregon
Specialties: Internal Medicine, Geriatrics

Ruth E. Weissberger, MD, FACP, Vice Chair (Governor)
Program Director, Yale-Waterbury Internal Medicine Residency Program
Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale School of Medicine
Assistant Clinical Professor, Frank H. Netter School of Medicine of Quinnipiac University
Waterbury Hospital
Waterbury, CT
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Amy L. Davis, DO, MACP
Clinical Associate Professor & Independent Physician
Palliative Medicine & Supportive Care
Bryn Mawr, PA
Specialties: Hospice & Palliative Medicine/Internal Medicine

Lacy C. Hobgood, MD, FACP, FAAP
Clinical Associate Professor
Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Brody School of Medicine
East Carolina University
Winterville, NC
Specialties: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics

Matthew F. Hollon, MD, MPH, MACP
Clinical Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine
University of Washington
Spokane, WA
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Parag H. Mehta, MBBS, MACP
Senior Vice Chairman, Department of Medicine
NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital
Manhasset Hills, NY
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Craig D. Nielsen, MD, MACP
Staff, Department of General Internal Medicine
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Shaker Heights, OH
Speciatly: Internal Medicine

J. Clayton Olson, MD, FACP
Associate Professor of Medicine and Surgery, Departments of Internal Medicine and Surgery
University of Kansas Medical Center
Rochester, MN
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Jabraan S. Pasha, MD, FACP, RDMS
Associate Professor of Medicine
University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine
Tulsa, OK
Specialty: Hospital Medicine

Keyur Vyas, MD, FACP (Governor)
Associate Professor of Medicine, Internal Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases
University of Arkansas Medical Sciences
Little Rock, AR
Specialties: Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases

William E. Fox, MD, MACP (Chair, Board of Regents)
(ex officio)
Fox and Brantley Internal Medicine, PLC
Charlottesville, VA
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Isaac O. Opole, MBChB, PhD, MACP (President)
(ex officio)
Professor of Medicine
Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
The University of Kansas Medical Center
Overland Park, KS
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Noel Bobby Hawkins (CSM)
Doctor of Medicine Candidate
Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine
Bermuda Dunes, CA
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Jacqueline Baikovitz, MD, MPH (CRFM)
Internal Medicine Resident
Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF)
Cleveland, OH
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Victoria Burke, MD, FACP (CECP)
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
LSU School of Medicine
Metairie, LA
Specialties: Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases

Sara Luebbert
Chapter Staff

Staff Liaison:

Daisy Smith,
Brian Hammer,

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