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Member Connection is a searchable directory of ACP members.*

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*Except those that have requested to be excluded.

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This directory is for the sole use of ACP members. Any unauthorized use, misuse or reproduction of the data contained within this web site is strictly prohibited. Misuse includes, but is not limited to (a) the use of any type of automated means to access the directory or download or retrieve directory listings or other information; (b) any use of the data contained within this web site for unlawful purposes; or (c) any reproduction, transmission, sale, distribution or commercial exploitation of the data contained in this web site. Access to and from the directory is monitored for security purposes.

ACP members may use the directory to search for a member by name, various demographic and specialty information, or membership status. ACP members may not use this directory to solicit, promote, communicate personal information, or otherwise inappropriately contact other members. ACP members who do not abide by these usage rules will be restricted from accessing the directory. Review the Terms of Use and the ACP Privacy Policy for more information.

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