Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Reports to

Board of Regents


Recommend to the Board of Regents effective strategies to assure integration of diversity and inclusion across the College’s governance and membership that is responsive to the changing environment and demographics. Such strategies should enhance professional development, foster diversity and involvement in College activities, and increase the value of membership for our diverse physician members.

Composition (16)

Chair, who is a member of the College with no other restrictions; Vice Chair, who is a Governor; twelve members, including one Resident/Fellow member, one Medical Student, and one Early Career Physician member. The Vice Chair position may be filled by a non-Governor if the Chair is a Governor.

The President and Chair of the Board of Regents are ex officio, voting members.


Chair, Vice Chair, and members serve one-year terms renewable up to three times for a total of four years, unless extended by the Chair, Board of Regents.

2023-24 Members:

Ricardo Correa, MD, EdD, FACP, FACE, FACMQ, FAPCR, Chair
Endocrine and Metabolism Institute, Cleveland Clinic
Professor of Medicine (t), Lerner College of Medicine, Case Western University
Health Equity Fellowship Program Director, Creighton School of Medicine
Cleveland, OH
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Roger S. Khetan, MD, FACP, FHM, Vice Chair (Governor)
Signature Medicine at BUMC
Dallas, Texas
Specialty: Internal Medicine

John D. Hall, MD, FACP (Governor)
Associate Professor of Medicine, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
University at Buffalo
State University of New York
Buffalo, NY
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Joshua S. Hawley-Molloy, MD, FACP (Governor)
Chief, Division of Medicine
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center
Landstuhl, Germany
Specialties: Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine

Josune N. Iglesias, MD, FACP
Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, IL
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Aysha H. Khoury, MD, MPH, FACP
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
Morehouse School of Medicine
Atlanta, GA
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Arnaldo Lichtenstein, MD, FACP
Assistant Physician, Department of Internal Medicine,
Hospital das Clínicas
University of São Paulo
Sao Paulo SP, Brazil
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Joyce Sackey, MD, FACP
Associate Provost and Chief Diversity Officer
Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM)
Boston, MA
Specialties: Internal Medicine, Global Health

Jamar Slocum, MD
Assistant Professor of Hospital Medicine
George Washington University School of Medicine
Washington, DC
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Nita W. Walker, MD, FACP
Primary Care Provider
UC Health Montgomery
Cincinnati, OH
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Latonya B. Washington, MD, FACP
Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Methodist North Hospital
Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare
Specialty: Internal Medicine
Memphis, TN

Eileen D. Barrett, MD, MPH, SFHM, MACP (Chair, BOR)
(Ex-officio member)
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Albuquerque, NM
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Omar T. Atiq, MD, MACP (President)
(Ex-officio member)
Professor of Medicine and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Little Rock, AR
Specialty: Oncology/Hematology

Sara N. Tesfatsion, MD (CRFM)
Brookfield, WI
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Candace I. Sprott, MD, MBA, FACP (CECP)
Oceanside, CA
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Staff Liaison: Adrienne White-Faines, Awfaines@acponline.org
Caroline Volgman, cvolgman@acponline.org

To contact any of these individuals, please consult the Member Directory (members only) or request assistance from acpgovernance@acponline.org.