Sustainability and Environmentally Responsible Efforts

ACP strives to minimize negative impacts on the environment and promote sustainability.


Efforts by ACP include:

  • The ACP headquarters building has been awarded the Energy Star seal for over a decade. ACP used 35% less energy compared to another building of our size.
  • ACP has converted to all LED lighting.
  • All large mechanical equipment uses variable speed drives which are energy efficient in their start up and shut down process for heating, cooling. Additionally, the College is in the process of reviewing next generation software to more efficiently program building lighting, heating, and cooling operations.
  • ACP has a recycling program on all floors and with the building’s tenants.
  • ACP works with our contracted Café provider Sodexho for on-site waste recycling and sustainability efforts, including use of water pitchers vs. plastic bottles for meetings.
  • ACP no longer prints the ACP Hospitalist; it is available as a digital publication.
  • Annals of Internal Medicine is using less paper—a reduction from 24 to 12 print issues annually, resulting in an approximate reduction per year of 10,000 lbs. per issue or 120,000 lbs. or 60 tons per year; and uses recyclable polybags and continues to push for the most climate-friendly solutions.
  • ACP has reduced the number of in-person committee/council meetings and strives to minimize staff and governance travel as feasible.
  • For its annual Internal Medicine Meeting, ACP has:
    • Eliminated or significantly reduced printed materials such as the Scientific Program, newspaper, handouts, brochures and other materials and is offering digital materials and electronic delivery of information.
    • All meeting badge lanyards are made from recycled plastic.
    • Eliminated previous meeting offerings such as tote bags.
    • When feasible, retains signage for future meetings.