History of ACP

This historical information offers a brief review of some of the individuals, events, publications, and cultural developments that have shaped the American College of Physicians.

ACP’s Founding and Prominent Figures

Interactive ACP Historical Timeline
An interactive timeline that explores ACP's history through a series of images and milestones.

Dr. Heinrich Stern – Our Founder
"If internal medicine was to advance and assume its rightful position in medicine, there had to be an American College of Physicians.”

Prominent ACP Masters
Learn about three important figures in ACP's history who were all Masters of the College: Helen Taussig, MACP, Hugh R. Butt, MACP, and Walter Lester Henry, MACP.

Edward R. Loveland
One of the College’s most important and distinguished leaders was not a physician.

The American Congress on Internal Medicine
ACP was not the first Internal Medicine organization that Dr. Heinrich Stern helped to found.

The American College of Physicians during the Great Depression
Despite financial hurdles for members and difficulties with investments, the American College of Physicians grew its membership and increased its total assets during the Great Depression.

ACP Headquarters and the College’s Ceremonial Objects

ACP's Headquarters
Philadelphia has been the international headquarters of the American College of Physicians since 1926.

The College Mace and  Caduceus
The College Mace and Caduceus have been a beloved part of Convocation of over 50 years.

History of ACP’s Journals and the Development of MKSAP

The Major Journals of ACP
The dissemination of medical knowledge has been an essential goal of the American College of Physicians since its founding in 1915. Throughout the years, this value has been actualized most directly by the publication of the Annals of Internal Medicine.

The Development of MKSAP
The Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP) enables physicians to measure their knowledge in the broad specialty of internal medicine.

Annual Meeting History

ACP’s First Annual Session
The 2019 Annual Meeting is ACP's 100th, though pinning down details of the early meetings is not an exact science.

Origins of Doctor’s Dilemma
Doctor’s Dilemma has become one of the most anticipated events at ACP’s annual Internal Medicine Meeting.

A List of ACP Annual Session/Internal Medicine Meeting Locations
A list of all ACP annual meeting locations and years with attendance numbers where available.

Past Leaders

Read lists of past ACP Presidents, ASIM Presidents, Chairs of the Board of Regents and more.