Sponsor a Prospective Fellow

Sponsor a Fellow

As an FACP® or MACP®, you have a unique opportunity to support the future of internal medicine by sponsoring a candidate for ACP Fellowship!

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Each applicant for ACP Fellowship requires one (1) Sponsor to endorse their application for advancement. By sponsoring a candidate, you play a pivotal role in their journey toward the heightened level of expertise, dedication, and professional achievement that define the FACP credential.  

The requirements for Sponsorship are as follows:

  • Sponsor must be a current FACP or MACP; candidate’s family members may not act as Sponsors.  
  • Current ACP Governor from the chapter where the candidate resides may not act as a Sponsor.  
As an ACP Fellow, my standout contribution to medicine is recognized and my voice is amplified to shape the future of health care.
– Yousuf Ansari, MBBS, MRCPUK, MRCPI, FACP

How to Sponsor

If you are interested in Sponsoring a candidate, please do the following:

  • Keep your information up to date in ACP's Member Directory. Prospective Fellows can use the directory to identify and contact existing FACPs and MACPs.
  • Get to know your Fellowship candidate if you aren't familiar with their career path.
  • Submit your letter of Sponsorship. You may submit your letter to the requesting candidate. To submit your letter directly to ACP, use our online Sponsorship form or submit the PDF form to us via email or fax.

Still have questions? Email facp@acponline.org

Sponsor a Fellow