Curriculum Archive

Below you can access Curriculum materials from the past.

1. Eliminating Healthcare Waste and Over-ordering of Tests

2. Healthcare Costs and Payment Models

3. High Value Diagnostic Testing and Cancer Screening

4. High Value Hospitalization

5. Overcoming Barriers to High Value Care

6. High Value Quality Improvement

HVC Toolbox

This toolbox includes a retrospective, pre-post survey that you can ask your residents to complete to assess the effectiveness of the curriculum. In addition, tools to help faculty and program directors assess competence in high value care milestones are provided. Examples include a high value care educational prescription, a framework for fellow audit and feedback in high value care, a high value care conversation guide, and a tool to assess high value care teaching on rounds.

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Curriculum Authors

Lead Curriculum Authors

  • Donna Williams, MD, Assistant Professor, UC Davis Medical Center
  • Timothy Dempsey, MD, MPH, Internal Medicine Resident, PGY-2, UC Davis Health System
  • ACP Staff: Cynthia D. Smith,MD, FACP, Director, Clinical Programs Development, ACP

Complete List of Authors

  • Patrick Alguire, MD, FACP
  • Catherine E. Apaloo, MD, FACP
  • April Barbour, MD, MPH, FACP
  • Margaret A. Breida, MS
  • Timothy Dempsey, MD, MPH
  • C. Jessica Dine, MD, MSHPR
  • KeriLyn Gwisdalla, MD
  • Amber Inofuentes, MD
  • Deborah Korenstein, MD, FACP
  • Lia S. Logio, MD, FACP
  • Philip Masters, MD, FACP
  • Christopher Moriates, MD
  • Darilyn Moyer, MD, FACP
  • Cheryl O’Malley, MD, FACP
  • Mukta Panda, MD, FACP
  • Jason Post, MD
  • Cynthia D. Smith, MD, FACP
  • David Gary Smith, MD, FACP
  • Sara l. Wallach, MD, FACP
  • Donna Williams, MD
  • Ryan Clark Van Woerkom, MD