News Release Archive - 2015

December 2015

12/17/15 Statement from the American College of Physicians on discrimination against physicians
12/17/15 Internists Suggest Ways to Make 'Meaningful Use' More Effective and Acceptable to Physicians and Their Patients
12/9/15 ACP Letter to House Appropriators Urges Funding of Vital Health Programs
12/3/15 Internists Have 'Significant Concerns' About Pending Insurance Company Mergers

November 2015

11/24/15 Doctors should prescribe generic medications whenever possible rather than more expensive brand name drugs
11/10/15 New Policy Paper Explores Impact of Concierge and Other Direct Patient Contracting Practices on Patient Care
11/2/15 American College of Physicians joins brief urging Supreme Court to uphold considerations of race, ethnicity in medical school admissions process

October 2015

10/27/15 Internists React to Bipartisan Budget Agreement
10/19/15 American College of Physicians offers patient-tested resources to increase understanding of common health conditions
10/13/15 Retail Clinics Best Used as Backup to a Patient's Primary Care Physician
10/9/15 American College of Physicians partners with Walgreens, LSU to increase adult immunization rates in Louisiana
10/8/15 ACP Applauds Formation of Congressional Primary Care Caucus
10/6/15 Guidelines International Network issues principles for managing conflicts of interest during the clinical practice guidelines development process
10/1/15 Statement from the American College of Physicians on the shootings in Oregon

September 2015

9/30/15 American College of Physicians receives Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative award
9/29/15 Doctors should stratify patients with suspected pulmonary embolism to determine diagnostic strategy
9/25/15 ACP Applauds ONC for 'exceedingly thoughtful strategic plan'
9/16/15 American College of Physicians asks California Governor Jerry Brown to veto physician-assisted suicide bill
9/14/15 American College of Physicians receives four-year federal award to increase adult immunization rates nationwide
9/9/15 Internists Urge Medicare to Support Care Coordination, Advance Care Planning, and Patient-Centered Medical Homes
9/8/15 Internists Emphasize Importance of Balancing Benefits of Telemedicine Against Risks for Patients
9/1/15 Citing Potential Adverse Health Impact on Millions of U.S. Residents, Nation's Largest Physician Specialty Society Urges Physicians to Oppose Mass Deportation

August 2015

8/10/15 Survey of Physicians Shows Declining Satisfaction with Electronic Health Records
8/3/15 New ACP book focuses on teaching diagnostic and clinical reasoning in medical education

July 2015

7/30/15 ACP Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid
7/29/15 State Immunization Laws Should Eliminate Non-Medical Exemptions Say Internists
7/8/15 Internists Support Advance Care Planning Codes Included in 2016 Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule
7/6/15 Statement from Internists on CMS' Contingency Plans for ICD-10

June 2015

6/30/15 Internists Call for Better Integration of Behavior Health Into Primary Care Setting
6/26/15 Statement From Internists on SCOTUS Decision in Same Sex Marriage Case
6/25/15 Reaction by Internal Medicine Physicians to Supreme Court Opinion
6/24/15 Survey: Most U.S. internal medicine residents lack knowledge about how to find treatment costs
6/19/15 Internists Provide Recommendations to Senate Finance Committee on Policies to Improve Care for Patients with Chronic Diseases
6/16/15 Patients struggle to stick to their diet when they choose a plan they like
6/15/15 American College of Physicians and EBSCO Health partner to give 141,000 ACP members access to DynaMed Plus
6/9/15 Cognitive behavior therapy effective for chronic insomnia

May 2015

5/28/15 Internists Urge Postponement of Start of Meaningful Use Stage 3
5/19/15 American College of Physicians releases High Value Care screening advice for five common cancers
5/18/15 Survey of physicians shows EHR system market share by vendor
5/12/15 New Medicare Physician Payment System: Physicians will have 'more choice and control' over how they are paid yet successful implication is a 'tall order'
5/12/15 Internists Offer Recommendations and Statements on How to Achieve Health Equity for LGBT patients
5/1/15 American College of Physicians to release new edition of Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program
5/1/15 Internists talk about MACRA and how it will affect physicians and patients
5/1/15 More than two dozen organizations join call by internists and others for policies to reduce firearm injuries and deaths in U.S.
5/1/15 Annals of Internal Medicine and American College of Physicians announce recipients of Junior Investigator Recognition Awards

April 2015

4/30/15 American College of Physicians publishes second edition of The Fenway Guide to LGBT Health
4/30/15 Annals of Internal Medicine publishes annual 'Updates' in Internal Medicine
4/30/15 American College of Physicians releases Best Practice Advice for the proper time, test, and interval for cervical cancer screening
4/29/15 American College of Physicians continues year-long centennial celebration with publication of commemorative book
4/29/15 American College of Physicians announces winners of 2015 Herbert S. Waxman Chief Resident Teaching Scholarships
4/28/15 American College of Physicians announces winners of National Student Abstract Competition
4/28/15 American College of Physicians announces winners of National Resident Abstract Competition
4/27/15 Annals of Internal Medicine announces new multimedia educational series
4/21/15 Internists' Paper Offers Policy Guidance on Electronic Nicotine Delivery System Regulations and Oversight
4/14/15 Senate Joins House to Repeal Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) Averting Future Deep Cuts or Additional Reimbursement Patches
4/9/15 Internists Speak on Impact of Rising Drug Costs on Patients, Clinicians, and Public Programs
4/7/15 Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig come out on top among commercial weight loss programs

March 2015

3/27/15 IM Physicians Say Doctors and Patients Must Hold Senate Accountable for Not Passing SGR Repeal
3/26/15 IM Physicians Commend House Leaders, Tell Senate to Immediately Pass Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act
3/25/15 ACP Joins HHS in Accelerating Alternative Payment Methods Through 'Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network'
3/20/15 Internal Medicine residency match in 2015 increases slightly from last year
3/19/15 Bipartisan SGR Repeal Bill Supported by Internal Medicine Physicians
3/17/15 American College of Physicians releases High Value Care advice for one of the most common diagnostic tests in the United States
3/11/15 ACP Releases Dynamic Guide to Top Issues Affecting IM Specialists and Their Patients
3/4/15 Largest medical specialty organization in U.S. meets in Boston to present latest advances in internal medicine
3/3/15 Higher intensity workouts help to improve glucose levels
3/3/15 American College of Physicians releases new guidelines for preventing and treating bedsores

February 2015

2/26/15 Internists Testify That Reducing Administrative Burden is Critical to Healthcare Quality and Efficiency
2/24/15 Health and Legal Professional Associations Call for Policies to Reduce Firearm Injuries and Deaths in the U.S.
2/6/15 Internists Submit Letter to Improve Quality of Care in Reaction to Proposed CMS Rule on Medicare Shared Savings Program
2/4/15 ACP Statement on Immunizations
2/3/15 Internists Join Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing

January 2015

1/28/15 Internists Join in Brief Urging Supreme Court to Uphold ACA's Premium Subsidies in All States
1/27/15 Internists Applaud HHS Historic Step to Move Medicare Reimbursement From Fee-for-Service to Quality
1/27/15 American College of Physicians celebrates 100 years of 'Leading Internal Medicine, Improving Lives'
1/21/15 Internists Express Strong Support for Repeal of SGR Through Bipartisan Agreement Reached Last Year
1/21/15 ACP honors outstanding contributions to medicine in annual convocation ceremony
1/20/15 Too much sitting linked to serious health risks and death, regardless of exercise habits
1/14/15 ACP, CDIM offer unified suite of educational resources designed specifically for the internal medicine clerkship
1/9/15 Internists Suggest Congressional Actions to Improve American Healthcare