American College of Physicians continues year-long centennial celebration with publication of commemorative book

Philadelphia. April 29, 2015 -- The American College of Physicians (ACP) today released Serving Our Patients and Profession: A Centennial History of the American College of Physicians (1915-2015), a book to commemorate its 100th anniversary.

Available in electronic or hard cover formats, the book tells the story through text and illustrations of how ACP evolved from a small cluster of New York physicians to a global professional organization. The book is being released during ACP's annual scientific meeting, Internal Medicine Meeting 2015, being held in Boson from April 30 through May 2.

"ACP members and history buffs alike will enjoy a look back at the first 100 years of the American College of Physicians," said Dr. David Fleming, president, ACP. "The scholarly, informative, and entertaining chapters chronicle the environment and events that shaped and defined ACP as the internal medicine physician organization that it is today."

Edited by ACP EVP/CEO Emeritus Dr. John Tooker and ACP President Emeritus Dr. David Dale and with contributions from many past officers, leaders, ACP members, and staff, the themes and topics in the book are based upon a survey asking ACP members, staff, and governance to recommend topics. The authors were asked to document decisions that led to important ACP events. The book also looks ahead to the future of ACP and internal medicine.

"We believe that it is important to preserve an accurate historical record of the organization for its members and future leaders; to meet the social responsibilities of a nonprofit; and to acknowledge the patients, staff, members, leaders, and a host of others on whose shoulders the College now stands," the editors write in the book's preface.

Some notable quotes include:

  • "The Annual Session and local Chapter meetings provide a very special experience. They are a reminder of why one went into internal medicine in the first place…learning, sharing, and enjoying collegiality has characterized the meetings of the American College of Physicians for the past hundred years." Chapter 4
  • "For physicians, the quest for access, equality, and medical justice is in keeping with our professional pledges and responsibilities. Physicians should be the informed, committed, and insistent conscience of such standards." - Chapter 10
  • "It is possible for a physician membership organization to 'put the interests of patients first' by advocating for policies supported by evidence and developed through consensus-'the ACP way'." Chapter 11
  • "Over the first 100 years, ACP has evolved to become a truly global organization in the 21st century. It is now poised to use its full potential to support and inspire internal medicine specialists and subspecialists all over the world as they strive to provide the best care for their patients." Chapter 13

To order Serving Our Patients and Profession: A Centennial History of the American College of Physicians (1915-2015), visit or call ACP Customer Service at 800-523-1546, extension 2600 (M-F, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. ET).

About the American College of Physicians

The American College of Physicians is the largest medical specialty organization and the second-largest physician group in the United States. ACP members include 141,000 internal medicine physicians (internists), related subspecialists, and medical students. Internal medicine physicians are specialists who apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness. Follow ACP on Twitter and Facebook.