Incoming Chair, Board of Regents ACP, Sue S. Bornstein, MD, FACP, discusses forming long-term relationships with patients and helping them navigate the health care system

Sue S. Bornstein, MD, FACP


Sue S. Bornstein, MD, FACP
Executive Director, Texas Medical Home Initiative, Dallas, Texas

Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, Texas

Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, Texas


1. I was born and raised in … Dallas, Texas.

2. As a child I was … busy!

3. I decided to be a doctor … after 10 years as a health care administrator.

4. The person(s) who influenced me the most … my father, David, who was an internist.


5. I chose internal medicine because … my father helped me see that there's no such thing as a routine day in internal medicine. You never know what the day may bring in terms of diagnostic challenges.

6. What I find most rewarding about my career is … the opportunity to form long-term relationships with people and help them navigate through the health care system.

7. I joined ACP because … ACP represents the highest ideals of including scholarship, altruism, and advocacy.

8. An award or achievement I am proud of is … that I was recognized by my peers and faculty with the Gold Headed Cane Award as a graduating senior.

9. My advice to medical students is … to do what you love. Pursue your passion.


10. I like people who … are positive and have a good sense of humor.

11. My family includes … my spouse, Alex; our dog, Emma; my sister and brother-in-law; my three precious nieces; and three great-nephews and one great-niece.

12. My interests/hobbies are … many! I love spending time in the outdoors. I am an avid fly angler with a passion for saltwater. I am a very amateur birdwatcher. I've done some distance open-water swimming but now mainly stick to the pool.

13. If I had the time, I would like to learn … to perfect my pizza game!

14. I enjoy listening to … 60s/70s music (the best era!), soul music, and opera.

15. I enjoy watching … food and cooking shows.

16. My idea of a great vacation is … in a warm, sunny place with great saltwater fishing. And great food and drink.

17. Something others may not know about me is … I took accordion lessons from age 8 until I rebelled in my teen years.

18. If I could be anything other than a physician I would be … a farmer.

19. A person I greatly admire is/was … the late U.S. Representative and fellow Texan Barbara Jordan.

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