How Would You Manage This Patient With Chronic Insomnia? Grand Rounds Discussion From Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Recent guidelines on chronic insomnia strongly recommend multicomponent cognitive behavioral therapy and suggest a limited number of medications that might be useful. Referencing these guidelines, two experts in sleep disorders, a clinical psychologist and a physician, discuss treatment for a patient who had been taking medication for his insomnia.

Use this article to:

  • Watch the patient video and think about what you would recommend for this patient with chronic insomnia.
  • Review the American College of Physicians clinical guidelines on care of patients with chronic insomnia.
  • Research how cognitive behavioral therapy is done and its local availability.
  • Review the potential benefits and harms of pharmacologic therapy for insomnia. What factors should promote caution in prescription of these agents?
  • Test your knowledge by completing the quiz that accompanies the article.

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