Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workforce Initiatives


Advancing diversity of the healthcare workforce is needed to measurably reduce inequities in health and health care in this country. As part of ACP's intentional commitment to address diversity, equity, and inclusion within and throughout the college, as well as in the profession of Internal Medicine, ACP embraces its responsibility to continually promote inclusion and diversity of all sectors within the Healthcare Workforce. ACP has designed programs and initiatives which advocate for upstream approaches to diversify the workforce, including pipeline education programs to encourage diversity in medicine, and expand diversity in healthcare administration, including roles at ACP. The more our health care workforce represents the patient population we serve, the more effectively we can design and deliver care solutions for patients across the globe.

Two initial pipeline programs will include an ACP diversity outreach summer internship program, and new mentorship programs to support and encourage future physicians to successfully navigate through their career path.

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