Central America Governor's Newsletter June 2024

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Jose Luis Franceschi Diaz, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Jose Luis Franceschi Diaz, MD, FACP, ACP Governor


Handover of Governors

A handover is an important responsibility that needs to be done in order to facilitate a seamless transition. Every new Governor needs clear information on their tasks and responsibilities and on how to handle them.

Dr. Eric Ulloa FACP contributed to this before he left, so that the information reflects the Governors role accurately. This successful hand over to Dr. Jose Franceschi FACP to keep strengthening the Central America Chapter included shadowing, sharing team information, helping with the planning of the annual report and a complete job description. We are sure our new Governor is going to keep up with the challenges and having our Central America Chapter with high standards.




Zoom meetings with Residency programs in Panama

Meetings were held through the zoom tool with the Coordinators of different hospitals such as:

  • Rafael Estevez Hospital in Aguadulce
  • Rafael Hernandez Hospital in David
  • Nelson Collado Hospital in Chitre
  • Metropolitan Hospital Complex in Panama City
  • Santo Tomas Hospital in Panama City

They were separate independent meetings where they basically touched on the following subjects:

  • Census of resident members in each of the residency programs
  • Status of the membership of the teaching coordinators of the programs
  • A brief presentation was made of the benefits of being a member Chapter resident
  • Residents were given the opportunity to interact to listen to your suggestions and feel regarding communication with the Chapter Governor
  • Residents got involved with some ideas of academic projects aimed at strengthening their professional and leadership training
  • Offered the opportunity for support and advice in MKSAP discussions with specialist members of the chapter whose specialties are not available in their residency programs.
  • They were encouraged to continue participating in the activities carried out by the Chapter of the ACP such as El Dr Dilemmas national contest and other new projects.



Student's activities

Engaging students in the Central American Chapter has been a process to increase their attention and focus them to more critical thinking. A Governor like Dr. Jose Franceschi FACP who is looking forward to a student-centered approach to instruction increase opportunities for student engagement and membership, which then helps everyone more to have a successful group with different activities. We managed to have several reunions and conversations with the new group of students with the leadership of Maria Celeste Rojas.


We are also very happy to announce that we had our first volunteer activity from our students which consisted in the cleaning of the bay this past 6th of June. Helping the environment and promoting the teamwork with a large group of students helping with the removal of harmful plastics to human and animal health.

We are committed with continuing the excellence of our chapter!