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What medicine can learn from the fire department about team-based care

By Pooja Desai; Kevin MD Blog

Teamwork is sewn into the fabric of the fire department. Each firefighter and paramedic has clearly delineated responsibilities; they work efficiently, communicate well, and interface with other organizations (ambulance, police, trauma doctors, etc.) with little tension. Best of all, they have a great time doing it.

Discussion Paper: Implementing Optimal Team-Based Care to Reduce Clinician Burnout

By Cynthia D. Smith, Celynne Balatbat, Susan Corbridge, Anna Legreid Dopp, Jessica Fried, Ron Harter, Seth Landefeld, Christina Y. Martin, Frank Opelka, Lew Sandy, Luke Sato, and Christine Sinsky

Elements of high-functioning clinical teams [include] clearly articulated goals and roles, an enabling social structure with expert leadership and psychological safety, a supportive organization that assures needed resources, and coaching that promotes the function and well-being of the team and its members.

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