Application Checklist for ACP Fellowship

Do you meet the core requirements?

If you answer "yes" to the following professional activity questions, you are ready to explore ACP Fellowship:

  • Have you been an ACP member in good standing for a minimum of three years since residency completion?
  • Have you been an ACP member in good standing for three of the past four years? Check dues status.
  • Do you hold initial certification in internal medicine or neurology?
  • Can you demonstrate professional activity in internal medicine, a combined internal medicine specialty, the subspecialties of internal medicine, or neurology?
  • If you are in clinical practice, do you hold an active medical license in good standing?

Find your area of professional accomplishment

Now that you have met the core requirements for ACP Fellowship, consider these additional areas of professional accomplishment. To apply, you should be able to demonstrate activity in three of the four pillars of Fellowship.

The Four Pillars of Fellowship

Application process

If you meet the core requirements and have additional areas of professional accomplishment, simply submit the following materials to apply for ACP Fellowship:

Once your application package is received, it will be reviewed by the ACP Credentials Committee and your ACP Governor. If approved for election to Fellowship, your name will be presented to ACP's Board of Regents for final approval. Upon election, you will receive formal notification and an ACP Fellowship certificate. Elections are held five times per year.