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ACP Guided Fellowship Program

The ACP Guided Fellowship Program provides early career physicians with guidance toward attaining ACP Fellowship within three years.

About ACP Fellowship

ACP Fellows at Convocation

Fellowship in the College is an honor. Early career physicians attain ACP Fellowship in order to show their commitment to becoming leaders within internal medicine and their workplaces. Attaining the FACP® (Fellow of the American College of Physicians) credential distinguishes internal medicine physicians from their peers and is recognition of accomplishments and achievements over and above the practice of medicine. The most important considerations for ACP Fellowship are excellence in the contributions made to both medicine and to the broader community.

Fellows are authorized to use the letters FACP in connection with their professional activities for as long as their membership remains current. ACP Fellows have the right to vote, hold office, and sponsor applicants for Membership and Fellowship.

Program Description

The ACP Guided Fellowship Program provides early career physicians with guidance toward meeting the requirements for ACP Fellowship over a three-year program time period. This opportunity is only available to physicians that transition directly from Resident/Fellow Membership to full ACP Membership. This program provides a framework — along with guidance from established ACP leaders — for advancement to ACP Fellowship through the completion of professional development activities, including:

  • Board certification
  • Continuing education
  • Teaching (institutional and community-based)
  • Hospital committee work
  • Volunteer and community service
  • Engagement in ACP activities at the chapter and/or national level
  • Having scholarly work published
  • Serving in leadership roles within the workplace

The ACP Credentials Committee will review your activities throughout the program and provide written guidance and recommendations for you to consider in the coming year. Your chapter ACP Governor will engage you in College activities and additionally help guide you through this program. After three years, and the successful completion of the requirements, you will be advanced to ACP Fellowship through the approval of your ACP Governor. All other application materials are waived.

Timeline for the ACP Guided Fellowship Program

January 2018 Welcome and introduction communications are sent via email and mail.
November 2018 The ACP Credentials Committee reviews your progress toward ACP Fellowship and makes activity recommendations as needed.
January 2019 A progress update is sent to you and your supervisor.
November 2019 The ACP Credentials Committee provides a second review of your progress in the program and makes further activity recommendations as needed.
January 2020 A second progress update is sent to you and your supervisor.
November 2020 The ACP Credentials Committee provides a final review and makes a recommendation to your chapter ACP Governor on your advancement to ACP Fellowship.
December 2020 Your ACP Governor approves advancement to Fellowship.
January 2021 You will receive notification of your approval for ACP Fellowship and an invitation to the Convocation Ceremony.
March 1, 2021 Election to Fellowship. You may begin using the letters FACP at this time.
April 29, 2021 Induction at the ACP Convocation Ceremony in Orlando, Florida, during ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2021.


Enrollment Information

ACP Members that transitioned directly from Resident/Fellow Membership in July and have renewed their membership through June 30, 2018 are eligible to enroll in this program.

Enroll Now

For questions about enrollment, please contact us at