Annals Clinical Decision Making: Weighing Evidence to Inform Clinical Decisions

Deciding when recently published evidence should alter practice can be daunting. This article in the Annals Clinical Decision Making series discusses the care of a patient with a common problem and recently published studies to illustrate an approach to weighing new evidence not yet considered by practice guidelines that conflicts with existing recommendations.

Use this feature to:

  • Investigate the clinical question posed in the case presentation (whether to use steroids for therapy in a patient with pneumonia). How do you go about finding relevant information? What variables do you use to assess whether each source of information is reliable and sufficiently updated?
  • Do you use clinical guidelines to inform your care? How do you assess their quality? Read this editorial to help you think about these questions.
  • How do you decide whether the results of a recently published study should alter your plans of care? What variables do you consider?
  • How do you assess validity? Use the Figure. What is the difference between the internal and external validity of a study?
  • What variables should be considered when deciding whether to apply the results of a study to the care of an individual patient?

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