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North Dakota Chapter Committees

Advisory Council
Jim Brosseau, MD, FACP, ACP Former Gov., ND Chapter
Rolf Paulson, MD, FACP
Steve Mattson, MD, FACP
Abel Tello, MD, FACP
Rhonda Ketterling, MD, FACP
Casey Ryan, MD FACP

Membership Committee
Jim Brosseau, Chair
Prashant Kaushik, MBBS FACP
Julie Blehm, MD, FACP, Governor, ND Chapter

Awards Committee
Casey Ryan, Chair
Jim Brosseau, ACP
Rolf Paulson, MD, FACP
Abel Tello, MD, FACP

Legislative Action Committee
Jim Brosseau, MD, FACP,
Julie Blehm, MD, FACP, ACP ND Governor
Abel Tello, MD, FACP

Program Committee
Rolf Paulson, MD, FACP, Chair
Pam Heisler
Jim Brosseau, MD, FACP
Keith Swanson, MD, FACP
Casey Ryan, MD FACP
Jon Allen, MD, FACP
Neville Alberto, MD, FACP

If you are interested in serving on any of these councils, please contact Pam Heisler.

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