Fighting Medical Misinformation and Disinformation


ACP is committed to stopping and preventing the spread of disinformation and misinformation, and vigorously supports the use of science and scientific expertise, based on the best available evidence. The College’s efforts range from weekly publishing of evidence-based scientific content, creating educational materials, issuing public statements, and collaborating with like-minded organizations.

Resources to Counter Medical Mis/Disinformation

ACP is working with a broad array of associations, boards and societies on several different initiatives to mitigate medical misinformation.

Communicating accurate health care information to your community

Public Health Communications Collaborative has created a collection of resources to help public health leaders deliver fact-driven, effective communications to their communities that make sense of the latest developments, answer tough questions, and bolster local public health outreach.

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Responding to trending health narratives

This resource site, created by Public Good Projects, curates the best practices and resources from the evolving new discipline of infodemiology, or the study of the spread of information with the goal of improving public health. With monthly newsletters, realtime data and insights, and tailored training modules, aims to equip health care providers and public health professionals with the tools to respond to trending health narratives. 

How to confidently identify and interpret reliable information

The Coalition for Trust in Health and Science initiative and its multitude of resources were created to curb misinformation and promote science-based information.

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Identifying credible sources of health information in social media

With a focus on source credibility, this resource can be used to identify and elevate credible sources of health information on social media and related platforms. ACP serves on the advisory committee of this collaboration between the Council Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS), National Academy of Medicine (NAM), and World Health Organization (WHO).

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ACP Video Series

Two video series from ACP provide vaccine education and strategies to help combat health misinformation.

Ask Your Internal Medicine Physician

This patient-facing series features internal medicine physicians answering the public's top vaccine-related questions.

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Physician to Physician Conversations

Clinician-facing series with practical approaches to address vaccine and health misinformation with patients.

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Relevant Content from ACP

Additional Resources

ACP/Annals of Internal Medicine Virtual Forums

A series of virtual discussion forums for ACP members, covering important clinical and public health topics relevant to daily practice.

ACP’s COVID-19 Resource Center

Activated in April 2020, this resource hub provides information and comprehensive resources in the realms of clinical, public and ethical policy.

ACP Clinical Guidelines/Rapid Living Practice Points

Developed using the best available evidence to provide timely clinical advice, address key clinical questions, and help clinicians provide the best health care possible.