ACP-WI Women’s Mentorship Program

The ACP-WI Women’s Committee has formed the ACP-WI Women’s Mentorship Program.  This program is designed to develop mentorships for women in medicine.  If you are interested in contacting one of these women mentors to ask questions or help as a sounding board, please feel free to reach out to any of the identified mentors listed below:

Abigail Bales, MD FACP (Madison), Chair, ACP-WI Women’s Committee - Please email to get in contact with Dr. Bales.
Karen Fickel, MD FACP (Milwaukee) - 
Lola Kabir-Islam, MD FACP (Wausau) -
Sophie Kramer, MD FACP (Madison) -
Kyla Lee, MD FACP (La Crosse) - 
Theresa Maatman, MD FACP (Milwaukee) - 
Christine Seibert, MD FACP (Madison) - 
Mara Terras, MD FACP (Middleton) -
Shirley Tetteh MD FACP (Green Bay) -

FAQs/Discussion Topics for Mentors

• Advancement to Fellowship
• Involvement in the Wisconsin State ACP Chapter
• How to Initiate a Women’s Forum (meeting luncheon or other) in Your Area or Medical Center