Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy

South Dakota ACP DEI Policy

Council Approved – March 16, 2021

The South Dakota American College of Physicians’ membership comprises a diverse population of internal medicine professionals and trainees and welcomes all prospective members inclusive of diverse individual and group characteristics. Additionally, SDACP welcomes diversity of opinion, and respects, values and considers all opinions when formulating policy.

SDACP works to ensure members from diverse groups participate in all activities, decision-making and positions of leadership. The SDACP believes that a commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity strengthens the organization's capacity to respond to the needs of its members, patients, the profession and the public.

When engaging and recognizing expertise and accomplishments in a wide variety of areas, including the practice of medicine, teaching, research, public service, and volunteer service, SDACP will implement strategies to engage, recognize and award people from diverse groups.

SDACP recognizes the importance of cultural humility and competency in the delivery of health care to diverse groups of patients. SDACP will seek ways to promote and develop these values and skills in its members.

To achieve diversity, inclusion and equity, SDACP will strive to:

  • Increase diversity across SDACP by focusing on strategies that foster inclusion and create accountability.
  • Enhance inclusion and engagement of members from diverse backgrounds in all chapter activities.
  • Enhance coaching, mentorship and sponsorship of members from diverse groups to attain decision-making and leadership positions within SDACP at all levels.
  • Increase SDACP awards and recognition to members of diverse groups.
  • Encourage, incentivize, support, and reward members that pursue and recognize diversity and inclusion.
  • Implement training in diversity, inclusion, and equity across SDACP.
  • Encourage collaboration within and outside SDACP of diverse stakeholders.