Criteria for Chapter Awards


Laureate Award

The Laureate Award honors those Fellows and Masters of the College who have demonstrated by their example and conduct an abiding commitment to excellence in medical care, education, or research and in service to their community, their Chapter, and the American College of Physicians.

The recipient of this award shall bear the title Laureate of the South Carolina Chapter.

These awards shall be presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting. The awardees should accept the recognition in person, unless excused by the Governor. The awardees are to be nominated by a process that may originate from the Awards Committee or from any member of the Chapter. The nomination must document the attributes and accomplishments of the nominee.

The awardees shall be senior physicians and Fellows or Masters of long-standing, with acknowledged excellence and peer approval in the field of internal medicine. In addition, the awardees should have served their Chapter with distinction. Exceptional circumstances may modify these requirements.


James McFarland Award

  • Must be a physician involved in practicing patient care.
  • Should demonstrate ongoing scholarship.
  • Should be able to teach at all levels.
  • Need not be a member of ACP.
  • Must be an outstanding clinician and teacher.
  • Must represent the values of internal medicine.

Young Physicians Award

The Young Physicians Award was established by Executive Council in March 2006. The award recognizes outstanding achievement by a physician who is within 16 years from medical school graduation in the areas of leadership, academics, including publishing, teaching, mentoring, and/or volunteerism.

The award is announced at the ACP South Carolina Chapter annual meeting. Following is a list of consideration while writing a nomination letter.

  • Current and past positions
  • Contributions to the ACP
  • Work with other medical societies
  • Contributions to the community
  • Teaching accomplishments
  • Publications
  • Awards and honors
  • Volunteer work, medical and otherwise
  • Must be a member of ACP