Past Governors

Past Governors of the Minnesota Chapter

1927-39 Edward L. Tuohy, Duluth

1939-50 Edgar Van Nuys Allen, Rochester

1942-43 Edward H. Rynearson (Acting Governor 1942-43 while Allen was on active Army duty)

1950-59 Wesley W. Spink, Minneapolis (Acting Governor 1948-49)

1959-65 Hugh R. Butt, Rochester

1965-71 James C. Cain, Rochester

1971-75 Howard L. Horns, Minneapolis

1975-79 Richard J. Reitemeier, Rochester

1979-83 John A. Spittell, Jr., Rochester (Chair, 1983-84)

1983-87 Alvin L. Schultz, Minneapolis (Chair, 1987-88)

1987-91 Edward C. Rosenow, III, Rochester

1991-95 Gerald R. Onstad, Edina

1995-99 Scott C. Litin, Rochester

1998-00 Eric B. Tangalos, Rochester (Transitional)

1999-03 Tanya L. Repka, St. Louis Park

2003-07 David N. Williams, Minneapolis

2007-11 Robert H Lohr, Rochester

2011-15 Heather E. Gantzer, St. Louis Park

2015-19 John B. Bundrick, Rochester

2019-23 David R. Hilden, Minneapolis