Community Service Awardees

The Community Volunteer Award honors an Internal Medicine physician and member of MN-ACP who exhibits a high degree of both personal and professional integrity. The recipient has demonstrated an active commitment to community service and may be recognized for a single significant community or volunteer achievement or a career of community volunteerism. The nominee's community/volunteer achievement is not a component of his/her paid employment or position and is not related to a specific political or religious affiliation. The award recipient’s community/volunteer work has contributed to the sustainability of the community effort. Nominations are accepted at by August 1st of each year. The recipient of the award selects a charity who will receive a check for $1000 from MN-ACP in honor of the award winner.

2019 Awardees - Minnesota Doctors for Health Equity

Udaya BS Prakash, MD, MACP - 2010

Thomas G. McLeod, MD, FACP - 2011

Charles Reznikoff, MD, FACP - 2012

David R. Hilden, MD, MPH, FACP - 2014

Peter T. Smyth, MD, FACP - 2015

Sarah M. Kesler, M D- 2016

LaPrincess C. Brewer, MD, MPH, FACC - 2017

Mark L. Wieland, MD, MPH, FACP - 2018

Minnesota Doctors for Health Equity - 2019

Rachel Silva, MD, MPH - 2020

Muhamad Elrashidi, MD, MHA, FACP - 2021

Lewis Roberts, MBChB, PhD, FACP - 2023