ACP Announces 2023-24 College Awards and Masterships

One of the goals of the American College of Physicians is to “recognize excellence and distinguished contributions to internal medicine.” To support this goal, the College offers 23 national awards and a number of Masterships each year. The Mastership Committee and Awards Committee are pleased to announce that the Board of Regents has approved the following individuals and institutions to receive College Awards and Masterships, which will be formally recognized at Internal Medicine Meeting 2024. Please join us in congratulating our international awardees and new MACPs.

ACP Inspirational Global Member Award (Early Career Physician)

Monica R. Pachar, MD, FACP
Santiago, Panama

ACP Inspirational Global Member Award (Established Physician)

Peter G. Hamilton, MBBCh, FACP
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Guillermo F. Conte, MD, MACP
Santiago, Chile

Guillermo Garcia-Garcia, MD, MACP
Zapopan, Mexico

Enrique Jorge Mendoza, MD, MACP
Enfrente de la Pizeria Napoli, Panama

Yoshiharu Motoo, MD, MACP
Komatsu, Japan

Carlos Nitsch, MD, MACP
Torre, Guatemala

Jose Manuel Porcel, MD, MACP
Lleida, Spain

Nazim S. Turhal, MD, MACP
Istanbul, Turkey

Complete list of awardees

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