ACP Welcomes New International Fellows

ACP is pleased to announce the following newly elected International Fellows, who were recommended by the Credentials Committee and approved for election by the Board of Regents as of November 1, 2023. They are listed by current location and may have been credentialed through a different Chapter.

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Timothy Chan, MD, FACP


Benzir Ahammad, MD, FACP

Central America

Ianyra Elizabeth Abrego, MD, FACP

Fabio E. Jaramillo, MD, FACP


Rojith K. Balakrishnan, MD, FACP

Deodatta Shripad Chafekar, MD, FACP

S. S. Dariya, MD, FACP

Abhay Singh Deora, MD, FACP

Srikant Kumar Dhar, MBBS, FACP

Rajesh Kumar Jha, MD, FACP

Robin George Manappallil, MD, FACP

Mukesh Mehra, MD, FACP

Sirshendu Pal, MBBS, FACP

Prasan Kumar Panda, MBBS, MD, FACP

Puneet Saxena, MD, FACP


Gunawan Gunawan, MD, FACP

Nata Pratama Hardjo Lugito, MD, FACP

Felix Satwika, MD, FACP

Darryl Virgiawan Tanod, MD, FACP


Sho Sasaki, MD, FACP

Kodo Tomida, MD, FACP


Anupam Batra, MD, FACP


Abdul Rabb, MBBS, FCPS, FACP


Marco A. Pescador Ruschel, MD, FACP

United Arab Emirates

Niaz Ahmed N. Shaikh, MBBS, MD, FACP

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