Introducing the International 2024 Doctor's Dilemma® Teams

Also known as Medical Jeopardy, ACP Doctor's Dilemma is held each year at the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting. Up to 60 teams of residents from ACP Chapters around the world compete for the title of champion.

We would like to recognize the international teams that will participate at Internal Medicine Meeting 2024:

Chapter Team Members
Alberta, Canada Nicole Brockman
  Shivani Tauh
  Tim Dinh
British Columbia Raveena Kapoor
  Caroline Spaner
  Elizabeth Milsevic
Central America (Panama) Elio De Gracia
  Jenia Nunez
  Noel Romero
Chile Jorge Lopez
  Daniel Cathalifaud
  Enrique Elsaca
India Eshan Taneja
  Nilashis Dutta
  Aaditya Sreehari
Japan Shotaro Naito
  Kei Shoji
  Hisatoshi Okumura
Ontario, Canada Omar Khan
  Yi Nong Song
  Sarag Ghnaim
Saudi Arabia Maryam Ajeebi
  Abdullah Altorbag
  Abdulelah Arishi

The annual ACP Doctor's Dilemma Competition is a hallmark program for the College. It brings together some of the brightest residents from ACP chapters around the world in a friendly, but highly competitive, environment that tests their medical knowledge. After three days of competition, the winning team is awarded the coveted "Osler Cup" and is granted a place in ACP history.

To participate in the competition, a team must be nominated by their local ACP chapter. Teams are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until all of the slots are filled. All team members must be active ACP Resident/Fellow Members. More information.

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