Doctor's Dilemma ®

The annual ACP Doctor's Dilemma® competition is a hallmark program for the College. It brings together some of the brightest residents from around the world in a friendly but highly competitive environment. The competition tests the medical knowledge of up to 60 teams, each representing an ACP chapter. After three days of competition, the winning team is awarded the coveted "Osler Cup" and is granted a place in ACP history.

To participate in the competition, a team must be nominated by its local ACP chapter. Teams are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until all of the slots are filled. All team members must be active ACP Resident/Fellow Members.

Doctor's Dilemma at ACP’s Internal Medicine Meeting

The 2024 ACP Doctor's Dilemma Competition will be held April 18-20 in Boston, MA.

Previous ACP Doctor's Dilemma Champions

2023 - Oregon Health and Science University

2022 - East Carolina University

2021 - India Chapter

2019 - Albert Einstein Medical Center

2018 - Indiana University School of Medicine

2017 - University of Texas Health Science Center

2016 - St. Michael's Medical Center

2015 - Albert Einstein Medical Center

2014 - Albert Einstein Medical Center

2013 - Albert Einstein Medical Center

2012 - Albert Einstein Medical Center

2011 - Rush University

2010 - Northwestern University

2009 - Northwestern University

2008 - Southern Illinois University

2007 - Albert Einstein Medical Center

2006 - The Western Pennsylvania Hospital

2005 - Northwestern University

2004 - The University of Texas Medical Branch

2003 - The University of Texas Medical Branch

2002 - The University of Texas Medical Branch

2001 - Allegheny General Hospital

2000 - The Mayo Clinic

1999 - University of Connecticut Health Center

1998 - Albert Einstein Medical Center

1997 - Albert Einstein Medical Center

For practice purposes, the same style questions used in the competition are now available in an online game.

Request for Volunteers

Question Development Committee: Support resident education and The Doctor’s Dilemma competition by volunteering for the Doctor’s Dilemma Question Development Committee. Find out more and apply here.

Judges: The American College of Physicians is seeking up to 16 member physicians to serve as Judges for the ACP Doctor's Dilemma Competition during the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2024, April 18-20 in Boston, MA. Volunteers may serve during one competition day or up to all three days. Find out more and apply here.

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Getting Started

To play, all you'll need is a smartphone. We designed this product to be played on your mobile device along with an active internet connection.

On Your Mobile Devices Using an Internet Connection

To open the game, visit on your mobile web browser.

How do I begin?

Each game has 15 questions (3 categories of 5 questions). A game is named by its 3 categories and the date of release (e.g., 07/2007: Allergy, Ethics, Pregnancy). Click the name to begin.

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