Highlights from ACP Internist and ACP Hospitalist

ACP Hospitalist February 2018:

  • Fight IBD flares without errors
    Challenges in inpatient care for inflammatory bowel disease are common, and they include choosing the right medications to manage pain and knowing when to consult other clinicians.
  • When patients wander
    Hospitals need detailed policies on patient elopement to avoid this sentinel event and protocols for responding when it does happen.
  • Avoid common mistakes when treating hyponatremia
    Acute hyponatremia merits rapid correction to prevent brain herniation, but overtreatment of hyponatremia can lead to osmotic demyelination syndrome.

ACP Internist March 2018:

ACP Internist February 2018:

  • Bringing medicine back to the bedside
    The physical exam itself is widely considered to be underutilized, but many of the country's medical educators and master clinicians are determined to bring it back to prominence.

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