ACP Recognizes the International 2018 Doctor's Dilemma(R) Teams

Also known as Medical Jeopardy, ACP Doctor's Dilemma® is held each year at the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting. Up to 50 teams of residents from around the world compete for the title of national champion.

We would like to recognize the international teams that will participate at this year's Internal Medicine Meeting:

Chapter Team Members
Alberta Daniel Veldhuijzen van Zanten, MD
  Arpita Gantayet, MD
  Michael Wong, MD
Atlantic Provinces Jean-Gregoire Leduc, MD
  Mark Robbins, MD
  Lyndsay Sprigg, MD
Central America (Guatemala) Jose Angel Arriaga, MD
  Salvador Aguilar, MD
  Matthias Martinez, MD
Japan Hayato Mitaka, MD
  Tomohiro Matsumoto, MD
  Yoshito Nishimura, MD
Ontario Christophe Langlois, MD
  Eric Coomes, MD
  Keith Gunaratne, MD
Quebec Alina Beliavsky, MD
  Daphnée Perron-Couture, MD
  Ismail Raslan, MD
Saudi Arabia Abdullah AlAteeq, MD
  AbdulRahman AlMashi, MD
  Fahad AlRashidi, MD
Southeast Asia Vera Joy Bajarias, MD
  Venil Lovely Bolambao, MD
  Adrian Alick Bonghanoy, MD

The annual ACP Doctor's Dilemma Competition is a hallmark program for the College. It brings together some of the brightest residents from around the world in a friendly, but highly competitive, environment. The competition tests the medical knowledge of up to 50 teams, each representing an ACP chapter. After three days of competition, the winning team is awarded the coveted “Osler Cup” and is granted a place in ACP history.

To participate in the competition, a team must be nominated by their local ACP chapter. Teams are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until all of the slots are filled. All team members must be active ACP Resident/Fellow Members. For more information, please click here.

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