Resource Spotlight: New ACP Obesity Initiative Focused on advancing equitable obesity care

ACP has launched a new obesity initiative aimed at advancing equitable access to obesity care. Using physician education, advocacy, and partnerships, ACP hopes to support a stigma-free culture in which patients and clinicians collaborate to prevent and manage this increasingly common chronic condition and to ensure equitable access to care. The College also hopes to help counter public misinformation about the causes of obesity, related stigma, and the equity issues in treatment.

A new comprehensive webpage features links to resources in ACP's Obesity Management Learning Hub and a collection of Annals of Internal Medicine obesity-related articles and content, including the ACP/Annals Forum “Overweight and Obesity: Current Clinical Challenges.” Additional resources include information about the ACP App Library, developed in collaboration with ORCHA and designed to identify the safest, most secure, and most effective mobile health apps to help and manage health, including weight management. For all this and more information on how you can support ACP in these efforts, visit the new webpage.

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