Introducing the 2023-2024 ACP Global Engagement Committee

The ACP Global Engagement Committee recommends to the Board of Regents approaches for the College to connect, support and inspire internal medicine physicians as members of the global internal medicine community.

GEC Chair Dr. Panda pictured with Independent Global
FACPs at the Convocation Ceremony in San Diego

Message from the Global Engagement Committee Chair

As our world continues to become increasingly interconnected, the intentional need to foster global communication, collaboration, and engagement is critical. I am proud that the ACP is proactive in addressing this need and highlighting the crucially important role of the internal medicine physicians towards this endeavor. The Global Engagement Committee (GEC) brings together a diverse group of internal medicine physicians and staff from around the globe creating a powerful platform for sharing knowledge, best practices, and innovations. In an era where medical challenges transcend physical borders, the commitment of members of the GEC to global engagement is truly commendable. Through their efforts, they foster mutual understanding, promote cultural exchange, research and technological advancements, empower us to tackle complex health issues more effectively, and facilitate collaboration worldwide. The ACP's commitment to inclusivity, equity, patient-centered care and systems that foster professional fulfillment and wellbeing plays a vital role in building bridges and a community of understanding and compassion among diverse cultures and nations.

If you would like to connect with global members or other areas of interest, ACP offers forums dedicated to various communities of physicians. Access the Global Forum or other community forums at Community | ACP Online (must be a logged in member to view).

It is a privilege to chair the Global Engagement Committee and I am grateful to the ACP and the GEC staff and members.

Please contact with any questions or comments.

Mukta Panda, MD, MACP, FRCP, Chair
Professor, Department of Medicine and Medical Education
Assistant Dean for Well-Being and Medical Student Education
University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga
Chattanooga, TN

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