Congratulations to the Global 2023 John Tooker Evergreen Award and Mary Bieter Evergreen All-Star Members' Choice Award Winner

The John Tooker Evergreen Awards Program provides visibility and recognition to those chapters that have been successful in implementing programs that increase membership, improve communication, increase member involvement, enhance diversity, foster careers in internal medicine, and improve management of the chapter. This year we celebrated the 30th year anniversary of Evergreen through a unique recognition program known as the Mary Bieter Evergreen All-Star Awards. All-Stars celebrates innovative thought leaders who have adapted to the internal medicine landscape in the United States and around the world.

For the first time in over 30 years, we've included ACP members in this awards selection process. The Members' Choice Award highlights one exceptional program solely decided by members.

Please join us as we celebrate the ACP Central America Chapter, which received the 2023 John Tooker Evergreen Award and the Mary Bieter Evergreen All-Star Members' Choice Award.

2023 John Tooker Evergreen Award

Central America - Medical Education and Community Blossoming

The Covid-19 pandemic provoked a revolution in medical education. The use of Zoom and other technologies approached our country borders and Guatemalan internal medicine residents and Panamanian medical students were able to participate in medical education and well-being activities at the same time. Following a campaign the Council of Panamanian Medical Students developed, internal medicine residents of five medical programs in Guatemala formed a Council of Residents of the occidental region, and education, volunteerism, and well-being committees. This led to a growth in membership through webinar participation, reaching numbers up to 260 participants. Using Zoom, YouTube, and Instagram they were able to share activities such as Doctor Dilemma and medical education between the two countries. Students and residents participated in volunteer activities focused on the social determinants of their population and they also participated with an NGO (Alberto Motta's foundation) dedicated to prevention drug addiction and adolescent pregnancies. These activities prepared our students and residents to know the problems of the communities they will serve in the future and help them to start working effectively in teams and developing their leadership.

Mary Bieter Evergreen All-Star Members' Choice Award

Central America - Medical Education and Community Service for Promoting a More Holistic Internal Medicine Specialist

With the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it was difficult for medical students and residents to continue their education, and their interaction with the community. Using IT technology, Zoom, social media, innovation, and the principles and tools of the ACP, the medical students were able to form a Council of 5 medical schools, and initiated educational webinars and community service activities promoting healthy communities both for the students and the communities which they interacted. Having mobility restriction due to the COVID-19 they interacted with non-governmental organizations that worked in the community to help them attain their purposes. The program was able to continue in 2021 despite the continuation of COVID-19 waves, and they did perform activities in communities like residential homes for the elderly and public maternity hospitals, in addition to the educational activities and posts. In 2022, they reorganized at the time that the pandemic was subsiding and were able to transfer this ideas to form a Council of Residents in Guatemala, that was very successful, increasing the resident membership (that had decreased during the COVID-19) by more than 80%. They have initiated conversations with representatives of El Salvador to form a new council there and continue the principles of the ACP.

Central America Chapter Governor Dr. Eric Javier Ulloa Isaza and
chapter staff Dr. Francis Fusamada Collins

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