I.M. a Resident/Fellow: Andrea N. Keithler, DO

Andrea N. Keithler, DO

Andrea N. Keithler, DO
University of Utah Health
Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellow

What fellowship program are you currently in?

Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship at University of Utah Health

Why did you choose internal medicine and/or your chosen specialty?

The cardiovascular system is one of the most complex and fascinating of the human body. My love for cardiology stems from a passion for navigating complicated physiology and clinical scenarios to create unique treatment plans, which can greatly impact a patient’s quality of life. The field of internal medicine—and specifically cardiology as a subspecialty—provides an ideal breadth of practice, from building relationships with a patient in clinic to performing lifesaving interventions or caring for the critically ill.

What lesson(s) did you learn in residency or fellowship that can help you for the rest of your career?

During residency and fellowship, some of the most valuable lessons I have learned are the importance of listening to the patient, both in conversation and during the physical examination, and remembering to be kind and help one another regardless of the situation.

What are your plans for after fellowship? What factors or advice from mentors contributed to your decision?

As a fellow, I developed an interest in arrhythmia management for and clinical outcomes of both supraventricular and ventricular arrhythmias, including care for special populations such as athletes, pilots, tactical occupations, and military service members. After fellowship, I plan to work clinically and in research with a goal of improving care for a variety of arrhythmias in an academic health care setting. Early in my career I will have the opportunity to be involved in academic medicine at the largest military medical treatment facility in the United States. During training, my mentors have taught me to develop my clinical skills and to balance clinical activities with remaining active academically. I look forward to continuing a career in clinical medicine, clinical research, and graduate medical education with future trainees in internal medicine and cardiology.

How has being a member of ACP helped you in your professional life? What resources have been most helpful to you?

Participating in ACP meetings and interacting with other trainees has provided many educational, teaching, and networking opportunities throughout my professional life thus far. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with residents and fellows at all levels of training and look forward to future mentorship opportunities through ACP.