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Well-being Champion Webinar: Interprofessional Happy Hours as a Wellness Experience During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Diana McNeill, MD, MACP; Kristin Dickerson

December 2, 2020, 3:00-4:00 p.m. EST

Well-being Champion Diana McNeill and colleagues instituted a series of highly popular interprofessional happy hours for professionals in her institution. In this webinar for Champions, Dr. McNeill and colleague Kristin Dickerson will share strategies that encourage virtual socialization during physical distancing and review the unexpected benefits of interprofessional happy hours on wellness, with the goal of helping other Champions institute similar programs in their workplaces or chapters.

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Well-being Champion Webinar: Feelings and Needs

Kerri Palamara, MD, MACP

What does well-being mean to you today? Using the principles of Nonviolent Communication, Dr. Kerri Palamara will guide you through better expressing the complex feelings and needs connected to clinician well-being in the age of COVID-19, as well as listening to the feelings and needs of others with empathy and compassion.

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