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Dr. Mom: Time to Decompress, Grace E. Farris, MD

“Primary Care in the Time of COVID-19”

By Washington Post Live, The Washington Post

The Washington Post hosted a virtual event this October focused on COVID-19's impact on primary care practices, internists, and family physicians. Topics discussed included physician suicide and burnout, financial strain on primary care practices, administrative burden on physicians, and more.

We need to talk about the mental health struggles that we're facing as physicians. We need to address it, to make sure that we continue to be able to deliver the best care for our patients.

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“Pandemic parenting as a physician,” ACP Internist

By Stacey Butterfield, October 2020

With both workloads and home duties increasing, ACP members discuss the lessons they've learned balancing work and parenting during the pandemic. Many of these strategies, including open communication with partners, negotiating for flexibility at work, and finding informal sources of support, remain applicable post-pandemic, as well.

When we support one another, when we share our experiences, when we collaborate, when we connect with colleagues, when we connect with loved ones, when we connect with our families, we're stronger for it. We're more resilient. We're happier.

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