Patients Before Paperwork

Recently Proposed Changes to Race and Ethnicity Standards Will Have Important Impact on Research and Data Collection

The Office of Management and Budget is proposing an update to the Race and Ethnicity Statistical Standards to expand the number of categories and make them more specific.

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Physician Well-being Call to Action

A description of the types of questions individual state licensing boards ask with an illustrative map can be found here.

  • State licensure action: Connect through your ACP chapter to work with organizations and state medical boards to change inappropriate medical licensing questions about receiving mental health care or having a mental health diagnosis.
  • Institution-level action: Work with your leadership or organization to change inappropriate credentialing application questions about receiving mental health care or having a mental health diagnosis.

ACP Advocate

ACP Advocate is a biweekly e-newsletter that provides ACP members with news about public policy issues affecting internal medicine and patient care.

ACP's Chapter Advocacy Toolkit

If you would like to work with your chapter to advocate for regulatory relief, please visit this toolkit for more resources and calls to action.

ACP Patients Before Paperwork Initiative

Patients Before Paperwork is an ACP initiative designed to reinvigorate the patient–physician relationship by challenging unnecessary practice burdens. To help the Patients Before Paperwork Initiative, provide your feedback with our online data-collection tool and contact the Patients Before Paperwork team directly at

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