Noteworthy Resources

Team-Based Care Toolkit

ACP has developed this toolkit to share best practices and real-life examples of successful team-based clinical care models that include internal medicine physicians working with nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other members of the clinical care team. This toolkit includes resources to help foster productive and purposeful internal medicine teams.

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Mini But Mighty Skills for Well-being

  • How to Apply Compassion
    Learn the benefits of applied compassion practice to clinicians and systems, how to adapt and teach it, and real-world ways to clinically apply compassion.

  • Appreciative Inquiry
    Apply Appreciative Inquiry as an organizational development strengths-based tool that takes a positive approach to systems change. Applicable to individuals, teams, and organizations.

  • Communicating Needs for Win-Win Outcomes
    Learn to use the Nonviolent Communication model to articulate the relationship between feelings and needs to achieve win-win outcomes in conflict resolution.

Call to Action:

Implement the Power of Connectivity Initiative by Kerri Palamara, MD, MACP, and share actionable resources to promote psychological safety with your chapter and community.

Optimizing Well-being, Practice Culture, and Professional Thriving in an Era of Turbulence

Read G. Pierce, MD, Vice President, Culture Transformation and Strategy at the Institute for Healthcare Excellence, and a practicing physician at the University of Colorado, discusses the evolution in how we define clinician burnout; explores a paradigm for thriving in medicine, not simply surviving; and identifies the role of positive emotions in performance.

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Complement Resource

Implementing and Sustaining Change Efforts

Use these resources to implement and sustain change efforts in your organization and community. Curated tools include the Quality Improvement Curriculum and the general Team-Based Care Toolkit.

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Chapter Collaborations

The Chapters Collaboration Calendar is available for chapters to add their programs for cross-promotional and collaborative ventures.

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