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Congratulations to this year's winners from the abstract competition in the category of Physician Well-being and Professional Fulfillment at the 2024 ACP Internal Medicine Meeting held in Boston, Massachusetts, this past April.

Name Career Decision Title
LCDR Patrick Bagley, DO, U.S. Navy Early Career Physician Podium Can You Hear Me Now? Women's Representation as an Authoritative Voice in Internal Medicine Educational Podcasts  
Oreoluwa E Olakunle, GA Medical Student Podium Medical Student Perceptions, Attitudes, and Beliefs About Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Racial Advocacy Education in a Medical School Curriculum  
Comfort Anim-Koranteng, MBChB, NY Resident/Fellow Podium Quality Improvement Initiative to Promote Resident Well-being and Enhance Skill Confidence: A Peer-to-Peer Approach  
Alexandra M Johnston, DO, PA Early Career Physician Poster Eliminating Barriers for Our Own: An Inclusive Approach to Ensuring Access to Primary Care for Medical Trainees  
Brandon Francis, MD, OH Resident/Fellow Poster The Value and Feasibility of Resident Facilitators in Formal Training on Microaggressions  
Ire Opayemi, CT Medical Student Poster Assessment of Medical Students' Mental Health, Perspectives, Attitudes, and Extracurricular Adaptations due to the USMLE Step 1 Exam Pass/Fail Scoring Change Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic  

Dr. Patrick Bagley is serving as one of our current ACP WBCs, so we asked him what it was like to work on his project "Can You Hear Me Now? Women's Representation as an Authoritative Voice in Internal Medicine Educational Podcasts."

Presenting my research on women's representation in internal medicine podcasts was exciting and humbling on the well-being front, and I was so thankful for everyone at ACP for including me in the conference. I found from analyzing word counts from three big IM podcasts in 2022 that women spoke just about 40% of the time. On the one hand, many individuals in the crowd were engaged, asked questions, and expressed interest in this project; I believe many people felt seen and heard by this project. On the other hand, I was surprised by how dismissive others were of this work. One older male physician overtly laughed when I told him I was spending time on this project. Given both of the aspects of this project, I have arrived at two conclusions about DEI/well-being. First, traditionally advantaged groups can/should be involved in the support of traditionally disadvantaged groups (i.e,. men can be feminist!). Second, a little support from a governing body like the ACP can go a long way##mdash;the same doctor who laughed at my project later commended me after ACP awarded me a podium presentation.

Thank you, Dr. Bagley, for sharing your experience with us and for the photo of you as a "mobile cheerleader" for your wife as she ran the 2013 Boston Marathon! To see all abstract competition winners, click here. In our next issue of I.M. Thriving, we will share more information on how you can publish your well-being work and submit to ACP's abstract competition.

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