December, Issue 2 2023

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The Many Faces of Hospital Medicine

(from the November 29, 2023, ACP Hospitalist)

Some parts of being a hospitalist are universal, but other aspects of the job vary dramatically from country to country.

ACP Hospitalist is an online magazine for ACP members covering news and trends in hospital medicine.

I.M. Internal Medicine

Spotlight: Manisha Yadav, MD, FACP

Learn why Dr. Yadav chose a women's health fellowship and a career in primary care.

Council of Student Members (CSM) Spotlight

The 3Ps of Choosing Your Medical Pathway

I have known since I was very young that I wanted to be a physician. Most of my life had been spent on getting into medical school, and I never had a chance to think about what I would do once I got in.

Analyzing Annals

Personal Actions to Create a Culture of Inclusion: Navigating Difficult Conversations with Medical Colleagues

(From the November 2023 Annals for Educators)

Microaggressions between medical team members may require difficult conversations to restore inclusivity, diversity, and a healthy work culture. This article outlines important considerations to assist with intentional preparation and modulation of responses for the initiator of the conversation, observers of the incident, and the receiver of the conversation.

Annals for Educators is a Web Exclusives feature of Annals of Internal Medicine which includes activities using selected Annals articles to help medical educators in their teaching activities.

Winning Abstracts from the 2023 Abstracts Competition

Nivolumab Associated Direct Antiglobulin-Negative Hemolytic Anemia with Pure Red Cell Aplasia – An Unforeseen Consequence

Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) are commonly used in the treatment of advanced melanoma, as they have transformed survival rates, tumor regression, and long-term disease control. ICIs function by blocking inhibitory receptors on T-cells (such as PD-1 and CTLA-4), leading to a more robust T-cell-mediated immune response to cancer cells. Despite these advances, many immune-related adverse events (irAEs) associated with ICIs have been reported.

Want to have your abstract featured here? ACP holds a National Abstracts Competition as part of the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting every year. Find out more at ACP Online.

Subspecialty and Combined Training Careers

Hospice and Palliative Care

Physicians trained in hospice and palliative medicine come from a wide range of backgrounds and may practice in a variety of different settings. Internal medicine physicians trained in hospice and palliative care may incorporate these skills into a primary care setting, while others may work in groups or agencies dedicated to providing these services.

See what makes internal medicine unique and all the career pathways open to internal medicine physicians.Be sure to also explore a day in the life of an IM specialist/subspecialist.

In the Clinic

Breast Cancer Screening and Prevention

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among U.S. women and its incidence increases with age. Endogenous estrogen exposure, proliferative benign breast disease, breast density, and family history may also indicate increased risk for breast cancer.

In the Clinic is a feature of Annals of Internal Medicine which includes practical reviews about the management of common clinical conditions.

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IMIG Event Inspiration

Intro to Understanding EKGs

The internal medicine interest group at the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine organized an introduction to understanding EKGs for first-year medical students. Led by the school's cardiologist, the session was also a good refresher for second-year medical students with over thirty people in attendance.

Chapter Chatter

ACP Minnesota Chapter's New Podcast: Doctor+

We often recognize doctors for their clinical work, research, and academic achievements. But we don't always get to hear about the other sides of their lives: their “pluses.” Join Dr. David Hilden and Dr. Tseganesh Selameab as they explore the hobbies, activities, and adventures of their fellow internal medicine doctors.

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