ACP MKSAP Milestones Timeline

View learning milestones from now through the release of the new ACP MKSAP™! Follow our timeline of events to help you stay on track of your goals.

February 2024

Get a jump on the Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA) pathway.

MKSAP 19 prepares you in advance of the LKA, serves as a trusted reference while you answer LKA questions, and helps after you take the LKA by allowing you to build on your knowledge in specific areas while earning CME credit/MOC points. For more about how to use MKSAP 19 while answering the LKA questions, check out this video:


February 6: New! CORE questions are released in MKSAP 19! Earn your badge!

Confirmation of Relevant Education (CORE) questions are an additional set of MKSAP 19 questions that will be unlocked to MKSAP learners after they have surpassed the threshold of answering 50% of the questions in a subspecialty area and answering half of those correctly. Badges are awarded to learners after they complete the CORE questions and earn a passing score. Learn more here.

April 2024

April 2: ABIM MOC exam testing period begins.

The spring 2024 testing period for the ABIM's MOC exam begins on April 2; additional dates are April 4 and 8. Use MKSAP 19's unlimited quizzes to prepare for exam day. Try Virtual Dx, ideal for the visual aspects of the Board exam. Review Board Basics right before you take the exam.

April 9: Presale opens for ACP MKSAP!

This is your first chance to preorder a subscription to the all-digital ACP MKSAP and lock in your prerelease discount with one of the two available presale bundles with bonus content designed to meet your needs.

April 18: Internal Medicine Meeting 2024 begins.

Visit the MKSAP booth at Internal Medicine Meeting to talk with the editors, learn about updates and changes coming to ACP MKSAP, and place your preorder. Register and learn more about the Internal Medicine Meeting:

August 2024

August 15: ABIM Certification exam testing period begins.

The ABIM Certification exam's testing period begins on August 15, 2024; additional testing dates are August 20, 26, 28, and 29. Prepare to pass the first time with MKSAP 19. Create unlimited custom quizzes to test your knowledge. Additional tools within MKSAP 19 to help you pass your Certification exam include:

  • Boards Basics®
  • Digital flashcards
  • MKSAP Quick Qs
  • Personalized Learning Plan

Log in now:

August 15: IM-ITE testing period begins.

The 2024 testing period for ACP's Internal Medicine In-Training Examination begins on August 15, 2024, and continues through September 4, 2024. The goal of the IM-ITE® is to gauge progress for residents in training. Once results are released in October 2024, residents can add their IM-ITE feedback to MKSAP 19 using the IM-ITE Feedback feature to populate their Personalized Learning Plans. Learn more about the IM-ITE here.

October 2024

October 8: ABIM MOC exam testing period begins.

The Fall 2024 testing period for the ABIM's MOC exam begins on October 8, with additional testing dates of October 14 and 15. Use MKSAP 19 to update your knowledge with the latest evidence-based information in internal medicine and its subspecialties. MKSAP's Personalized Learning Plan can help you maximize your study time, and unlimited custom quizzes, Quick Qs, and Board Basics will prepare you for exam day.

February 2025

February 3: ACP MKSAP launches!

Be among the first to log in and experience the new era of MKSAP.

The new ACP MKSAP includes the features you love—the latest clinical syllabus content, self-assessment questions, digital flashcards, Board Basics®, and more—plus a host of new features, an intuitive interface, and flexible subscription options!

August 2026

August 31: MKSAP 19 access ends.

After August 31, MKSAP 19 learners will no longer be able to access the MKSAP 19 platform. This is also the deadline to submit for CME credit and MOC points in MKSAP 19's program. Claim your CME and MOC now: