ACP MKSAP - Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions about the upcoming all-new ACP MKSAP and check back regularly, as we will be updating with more information as the presale period gets closer. For more information about ACP MKSAP and additional answers pertaining to using ACP MKSAP for residency program, please watch our webinar and read the follow-up Q&A.

When is the new edition of MKSAP being released?

ACP MKSAP will be released February 3, 2025. If you purchase during the presale period, which starts April 9, 2024, you’ll receive valuable bonus content plus a discounted subscription rate.

MKSAP 19, the current edition, is updated regularly with the latest clinical information. The most recent MKSAP 19 New Information Update was posted at the end of November 2023, and the next one will be posted in May 2024.

Will there be a print version of the new MKSAP?

No. The new edition of MKSAP will be all digital, created for ease of use with today’s learners in mind, and will be continually updated with the latest clinical information.

I am certifying or recertifying this year. Should I use MKSAP 19 or wait to purchase the next edition?

Digital access to MKSAP 19 will be available until August 31, 2026, and content will continue to be updated. The next version of MKSAP will launch in February 2025. Residents and diplomates preparing for the ABIM Certification Examination, 10-Year ABIM MOC Examination, or ABIM Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment should purchase the following versions of MKSAP for their respective exams: 

Residents—ABIM Certification Examination

Diplomates—10-Year ABIM MOC Examination

Diplomates—ABIM Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA) (Note: LKA is a 5-year pathway, with the cohort year indicating the year the diplomate enters the LKA.)

  • 2023 Cohort—MKSAP 19
  • 2024 Cohort—MKSAP 19
  • 2025 Cohort—MKSAP 19 (available through August 2026) or ACP MKSAP (February 2025 launch)

How long will MKSAP 19 learners, including residency programs, have access to MKSAP 19?

MKSAP 19 access will be extended through August 31, 2026.

What are the new features included with the new MKSAP?

Because ACP MKSAP is currently in development, we aren’t yet able to share specific new features. However, along with the latest clinical content, ACP MKSAP will feature an ever-growing question bank with multiple question formats, more multimedia to reinforce key concepts, and a portfolio of study tools and features, including the MKSAP features you’ve come to know and trust, such as the IM-ITE Feedback feature, the personalized Learning Plan, and the Board Exam Topic Guide. ACP MKSAP will also offer Board Basics®, digital flashcards, unlimited custom quizzes, the new CORE questions feature, and automatic content updates throughout your subscription term.

What is CORE in MKSAP?

MKSAP’s Confirmation of Relevant Education, or CORE, Questions comprise 180 new multiple-choice questions designed to allow you to test your knowledge, demonstrate proficiency, and document ongoing engagement in relevant education. 

How do I earn ACP MKSAP CORE badges and certificates?

The new ACP Medical Knowledge and Self-Assessment Program (ACP MKSAP) feature, CORE (Confirmation of Relevant Education), allows physician learners to enter a more rigorous assessment component including a standardized passing threshold. If successful, CORE participants receive a badge confirming their achievement and can earn and print a CORE certificate for inclusion in their professional portfolio. ACP has received overwhelmingly positive feedback CORE’s perceived value and relevance to clinical practice during a pilot implementation phase.

The CORE Questions are grouped by subspecialty. To access ACP MKSAP CORE Questions, you must correctly answer a threshold number of ACP MKSAP’s robust multiple-choice questions within a subspecialty. Your progress answering questions is tracked across the MKSAP platform. When the threshold criteria are met, the CORE quiz for that subspecialty will be unlocked. You will receive a message that the CORE quiz is unlocked.

After unlocking a subspecialty's CORE quiz, you may enter CORE and answer questions at any time and over multiple sessions if you choose. You will need to answer all provided questions to complete the quiz. Meet the stated passing threshold to pass and earn the CORE badge for that subspecialty. After you complete a quiz, you’ll have a chance to review your results, explore learning links relating to each question, and retake the quiz if you wish. The question order is randomized each time you start a quiz.

A printable certificate demonstrating each badge you’ve earned will be available as a fast and easy way to demonstrate your commitment to learning and for inclusion in your professional portfolio.

When will CORE be included in the new ACP MKSAP?

In April, 2025, following the February 2025 launch of ACP MKSAP, ACP plans to release a CORE standardized assessment feature that will be fully integrated into the new ACP MKSAP program. The new CORE feature will meet the needs of internal medicine physicians to recognize their dedication to continual learning and assessment, and their achievements in keeping up with changes in medical knowledge. Physicians will be able to collect ACP MKSAP CORE badges and print a certificate for each earned badge to demonstrate their commitment to learning and for inclusion in a professional portfolio. Final details of the ACP MKSAP CORE program are under development. 

Will the Residency Tracker we are currently using and the information included transfer to the new edition?

The Residency Tracker is updated with each edition and does not carry over information. However, the good news is that with the upcoming change to a subscription model, this will be the last time you will need to change over to a new Residency Tracker platform. 

Who do I contact with additional questions about ACP MKSAP?

Please contact ACP Member and Product Support at 800-ACP-1915 (800-227-1915), or at 215-351-2600 M-F, 9 am to 5 pm ET with any additional questions you have about MKSAP 19 or ACP MKSAP.