Questions and Answers

Will there be a non-computer version of the MKSAP published in future?

ACP MKSAP will be a digital-only program. Although ACP MKSAP will not offer a print format, the digital platform is developed with careful attention to accessibility, including evaluation of the product using the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template. The digital version also provides many accessibility features that make it more accessible for more learners than print. Features include the ability to expand the typeface size, night mode view, and image alt text for low vision audio readers. ACP recommends that learners consider using a handheld tablet reader to simulate the print book experience.

Why is MKSAP going to a subscription model? What advantage do I get if I already have MKSAP 19?

With the all-digital subscription model, your MKSAP will never be out of date and it will be infused each year with new and updated content. There will no longer be a need to choose between overlapping editions. Additionally, a subscription gives you the choice of a 1-year or a 3-year term, and your learner data will be perpetually maintained. If you already have MKSAP 19 and you purchase ACP MKSAP during the presale period (i.e., by February 2, 2025) you will receive immediate access to a bonus pack of 300 premium MKSAP questions, along with a presale discount.

How will subscriptions work for residency programs? 3 year IM programs?

As with MKSAP 19, residency programs can take advantage of bulk discounts, and the price of MKSAP for ACP Resident/Fellow Members is significantly discounted.

The ACP MKSAP activation date for purchases made during the presale period will be February 3, 2025. Three-year subscriptions will terminate on February 2, 2028. This will provide incoming PGY1s in 2024-25 learning support well beyond their August 2027 boards.

Subscriptions purchased after launch (Feb. 3, 2025) will become active when payment is received, and PGY1s with 3-year subscriptions will be offered a subscription extension of up to 2 months at the end of the third year, to carry them through their board exams. For example, PGY1s starting in the 2025-2026 academic year with a 3-year subscription will be given a subscription extension to August 31, 2028.

For more information about ACP MKSAP for residency programs, please see our Information for Educators Webinar.

Are these new subscriptions calendar year only (Jan - Dec)?

Subscriptions to ACP MKSAP will be on an "anniversary year" basis, and can start anytime during the year. For customers who purchase ACP MKSAP during the presale period, your subscription will start at launch on February 3, 2025. A 1-year term will expire February 2, 2026, and a 3-year term will expire February 2, 2028.

Will content and questions be updated? How often?

ACP MKSAP will launch with fully updated syllabus content and nearly 2,000 new questions. After launch, the content will be reviewed and updated at least twice yearly, and new questions will be added each year.

What are the resident progress monitoring options for programs?

The free MKSAP Residency Tracker is an educator’s toolbox that allows tracking of residents’ proficiency and progress in answering MKSAP questions. With the Tracker’s assignment feature, programs can create custom sets of questions, based on identified educational needs, to address knowledge gaps and reinforce learning. The MKSAP Tracker is included in MKSAP 19 and will be included in ACP MKSAP. For more information and to sign up for access to the MKSAP Residency Tracker, please visit

How can MKSAP help to answer LKA questions?

ACP MKSAP's custom quiz builder will include a preset for LKA practice. With a single click, you can begin a quiz of 30 randomized questions, each with a 4-minute countdown timer, designed to allow you to practice answering questions in the LKA format. MKSAP learners also use MKSAP as an open-book reference while taking LKA questions. MKSAP's concise content makes it easy to find support for the correct answer within the time limit.

Why do we have to wait until May 1st to register and purchase MKSAP for our residents? Is there a way we can purchase MKSAP for our incoming interns?

The Residency Program Portal closes each year to undergo maintenance, updates and testing in advance of the new academic year. The portal opens each year on or around May 1 for orders for the upcoming academic year.

How do I keep track of bookmarks?

The Learning Plan is the best way to keep track of content you've reviewed and what you still need to study. In addition, each content section has a function to allow you to mark it as read. Questions can be saved and used to create a custom quiz later. You can also create notes and highlights, which can be accessed throughout the digital platform.

Will there be an edit feature on the flashcards offered in MKSAP?

There will not be an edit feature on ACP MKSAP flashcards at launch. We are investigating the possibility of including this functionality in the future.

How can I be a contributor to MKSAP Question bank?

If you are interested in participating in the MKSAP development process, as a peer reviewer or content contributor, please email us at Include your CV and a cover letter indicating why you would like to to participate and highlighting any experience with medical education or assessment.

If I have MKSAP 19, when do I need to purchase ACP MKSAP? When MKSAP 19 expires, will it be only ACP MKSAP? How often do I need to purchase ACP MKSAP?

MKSAP 19 will be accessible through August of 2026. ACP MKSAP will launch on February 3, 2025. You can purchase ACP MKSAP anytime before or after launch. Once MKSAP 19 expires in August of 2026, there will only be ACP MKSAP, which you will be able to renew for 1-year or 3-year terms. Purchasing ACP MKSAP now provides current MKSAP 19 users with immediate access to 300 free premium MKSAP MCQs plus discounted ACP MKSAP pricing.

Will it be released in two parts?

No, all ACP MKSAP sections will be released together in February 2025.

How can I learn more about ACP MKSAP?